Monday, October 1, 2018




Fall! Fall! Fall
Leaves from trees fall
Hush, hush, hush
Leaves in fall don't crush
Beep, beep, beep,
Please don’t beep
Tortoise and bear are ready
To go in a deep sleep
When winter will creep
And skies start to weep
With snow or rain hails
Flash, flash, flash
Earth will soon flourish
Trees and flowers will wait
Blossoming in spring is a fate
Forests and hills they decorate
Fruits for summer they procreate

Hot, hot, hot!
It’s getting very hot
Splash, splash, splash!
Into the sea let's plunge
Stay up and dance on grunge
Let the hot sun shine
Let exotic fruits ripen
Mountain, oh high mountain
Help air and clouds encounter
And get ready for a new autumn.
Houda Boukassoula (all rights reserved)


If you want to make me cry
I advise you not to try
I’ll be able to hide my fears
As much as you look for my tears
There are things I can’t deny
I need you as the soil needs a cloud
I wait for you like an old tree
Waits eagerly for a sprout
I expect you like a dark sky
Expects monthly a moonlit night
Yet I can say I will never cry
Instead I will firmly try
To subsist to my needs
Like the mountains help develop clouds
Like an old brunch nourishes its sprouts
Like a star burning to help light the sky
I’ll not let you exploit my fears
I’ll never let you see my tears
Yes I will never cry
Instead I will firmly try
To show the best of me
Until you get back to your humanity
Houda Boukassoula (all rights reserved)


When our eyes ceased talking
And our hands ceased sensing
Each other's warmth and shivering
When your voice I stopped hearing
Inside my head it started sounding
I realized you were away passing
Lonely in our nook I was weeping
Life outside was not for me waiting
Events around me kept occurring
To reanimate memories and feelings
Making your paternal love everlasting
Faraway your presence was fading
Closer to mind your wisdom sticking
The fewer memories of you are getting
The more precious they are becoming
The most valuable one is your saying:
The older gets the date of parting
The sooner will be the eternal meeting,

(all rights reserved)

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