Monday, October 1, 2018




How can it be without efforts
Be possible to think
Otherwise, be useless
No God will be coming down to gaze
Though be waiting for thousand times under the tree
Never He comes,,, never He comes
Only a messenger from radiant claims
That efforts in a hand
Do it well,,, do it well
And He will speak for the mercy
He will put the kindness for the grace
Let do efforts for several times
To ensure for success
Hoping help not from others
As long as the breath in the flesh
Be sure for the world not properly cruel
It will be smiling wherever you are
For the promise He provided
Never it gains a loss , , , never it gains a loss
sm/17/08/2018, Melaca


This life which seems so fair
Is like a rainbow coming at midday
Once I caught when I was a child
Who knows I will be died
To think further for the success
Before I come to sleep for so long time
Many trees seem like that
For they come down to pray
That God will be smiling
Since the voice for Him to speak
Sm/12/08/2018, Melaca


Let the moon smile to gaze
As long as the earth be silent
While the snow flows over the hills
When the eagles flies on the sea
And the waves are roaring like tigers
In the jungles of Spring
As there are the poor and the rich
What makes so much difference?
No one can decide who will be the King
As far as each has solid claws to scratch
Only Almighty counts the number of each
As the sparkling light will be brightening


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias,North Sumatra-Indonesia,17-05-1958.He was graduated from English and Literature Department,Faculty of Cultural Study,University of North Sumatra,Medan-Indonesia.He is now still teaching English and Literature,and writing poems and short stories.His works were mostly published in social medias such "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING'(2016),and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English.

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