Monday, October 1, 2018




Look how the earth runs like water through our hands,
we've all but destroyed all the beauty of the lands,
wars and destruction are laid upon our ways,
sorrow and hatred are all that fill our days.

We can't even see how our earth is dying,
we ignore every plea of our children crying,
we trample and squash all things under our feet,
how can we expect to beat this defeat.

Let the soldiers of the world rise with spaces in hand,
be paid to lay seeds and not bodies in the sand,
provide food and protection for the people and nation,
stop all the killing and destruction of creation.

Pass this message on let it spread far and wide,
maybe the hearts will awaken from deep inside,
break the shackles and chains to bring peace and joy,
make a difference to creation with the love we deploy.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


I listen to all the songs that voices sing,
of beautiful mansions and jewels that bling,
of love and joy and bells that ring,
of all the magnificence money can bring.

I listen to all the lyrics that rhyme,
the fabulous life and glories divine,
the majestic mountains ready to climb,
all the pleasures to buy for a dollar and dime.

Lies, lies, all just lies,
not a drop of reality as our spirit dies,
we're lured then used and cast aside,
broken and crushed and taken for a ride.

How sad to live in a world built on lies,
where elders ignore when a young one cries,
where a person lays on the street and dies,
and no one notices how the eagle flies.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


I sing a little freedom song,
who will come and sing along,
take my hand let's go for a ride,
send all evil for a mighty slide.

This is it, the buck stops here,
we will no longer live in fear,
let's hit the nail right on the head,
joyfully make a fresh new bed.

I sing a little freedom song,
we have suffered far too long,
let's make ourselves a new reality,
escape from all the worlds insanity.

We block and chase the evil away,
refuse to hurt and maim when we play,
bring smiles and laughter into every day,
add colour and brightness into all things grey.

I sing a little freedom song,
come on now let's all sing along,
if we can't do good we don't do at all,
no longer will we make another man fall.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: A South African poetess and author of short stories, with a history of a very unusual life, having seen the light and the darkness and the light again, through ups and downs of sadness and laughter, now sharing her experiences with the world through her writing.

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