Monday, October 1, 2018




The pink petals of lotus
Unfurl with joy,
The greenish lake
Sparkle in sunshine,
She sits by the lake,
With her tresses long and dark,
Wavy and soft, tied loose with a ribbon,
Her silken lashes touch her bronze-brushed cheek
She closes her eyes,
And let ecstasy wash her,
Drinking in the divine ambience,
Her tender plum-stained lips
Kisses his cheek,
As she smiles into his eyes,
Their eyes in an inter-lock
Of unspoken vows,
Of love flowing like
The flow of an unstoppable river,
Their hearts rise in an octave
Of melody,
Lying on the green grass, side by side,
They dream of the same dreams,
Of choosing to walk the same path,
Hands entwined
Walking over red petals,
And amidst warm scented candles,
For where true love colours both souls,
Fairytale does exist
That too, with a flair and style,
For a long, long time


She sat by the mirror
In a blue, satin grown
With a filigree of necklace
Adorning her neck,
Dusted with glitter and shine.

Her hair in a french bun,
A few tresses caressing her cheeks,
Her big eyes kohled,
With long, thickened eyelashes
Swept upwards,
With a touch of fading sunset hues
On the lids,
And a pinkish rouge on the apple of her cheeks.

Lovely lips ooh for a touch of wine shade mixed with plum,
Brown and cream contours the face,
A pearly highlighter blended with moonshine
And the brushes in an array lay,
Oh, what joy.

The art of make-up intrigues,
A spray of scent on wrists,
And pearls of studs on ears,
And then a flaunting smile,
Dark blue stilettos and a clutch purse,
With a blue Porsche
And your blue-jacketed life partner,
All set for a long drive
A dinner date
And soothing blues, a music so sweet,
Watching the blue bay from afar,
And the eyes moisten in joy,
For moments lived
By large.


And they could hold no more,
Sullen, grey clouds,
Burdened to the core,
Unleashing torrents of rain,
A downpour of pristine raindrops.

They could hold no more,
Their feelings for each other,
Drenched in rain,
They laughed derilously,
Whispering in ears,
The song of love.

They made promises,
With trembling lips,
Their refuge only their bare hands
To shelter from the silver rain.

The jingle of her anklets drowned
With the patter of rain,
They were lost in their own world,
Their eyes a pool of magical ecstasy,
As they did a slow dance
With no hurry to seek shelter,
They were both at home
With one another,
Come rain,
Come shine.


SAKINA S. DOSSAJI is born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. Currently residing in Tanga, Tanzania with her husband and 3 children. A teacher by profession, and a poetess by passion, she loves to write articles, stories, poetry and conduct activity clubs for kids for ‘Kids Curiousity Club’ and is a privileged member of World Nations Writers' Union(Kazakhstan). She acquired her literature skills at Agakhan High School, Mombasa and inherited mostly from her father whose passion lies in writing English song lyrics, poems, articles and creating crossword puzzles. Reading is her favourite pastime.

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