Monday, October 1, 2018




When I retreat for a while
And see how people rush
Turning around in a hurry
Pushing , elbowing all soaked in sweat
Minds down ,same rank as their feet
No more room for a smile ,no warm greeting to let
I shake my head and say
"What a crazy world" !

Some buried good deeds ,
Others don't know they even exist
Each is busy fattening their "ego"
Believing in the "survival of the fattest"
Running nowhere ,knowing no rest
Crushing whatever they meet

When I retreat for a while
I see how all are exchanging disrespectful looks
Ready for a dispute ,and I remain mute
repeating to myself "what a crazy world"!

Then I pretty undestand that this scene
Is nothing but a reflexion of what was seen
On that magic screen !
Watched by night ! Applied by day!
Poor puppets performing a silly play
Believing they are actors yet part of the herd
And I keep muttering "What a crazy world" !
Gigi Mejri @copyright August 2018


On a foggy day,
A young sheep went astray
To find herself face to face with the wolf
So scared ,she could neither bleat nor run away
For a while ,the wolf forgot his hunger
To admire the beauty that aroused his desire

The sun sent its beam and ray
Through the clouds all grey
It started raining !

What a feast for the beast !
It's his wedding !
And the wolf married the sheep

Then released her to join her flock
Ashamed and guilty ,she uttered no word
Months later,the news were heard
half a lamb,half a wolf was born

Both despised , bad-mouthed harshly
The sheep took the wolshee to her father's family
Who adopted the new offsring
Ever after , the sheep lived under gossip and angry looks
Even the wise didn't think about the big loss .
What if she had been devoured by the wild animal
Leaving its fleece everywhere ?
But who would care ?

Males are superior to Females
Why on earth do they bear
The "f" and the "e" what do they stand for ?
Failure for Eternity and none cares for Equality !!
Gigi Mejri @copyright August 2018


My heart is a fountain
Pouring out love .
My veins are streams
Carrying feelings
To the Delta of affection
Flowing into the river of Passion
To reach your bottomless Ocean
Where in foam lovers swim
Wrapped in the bridal veil
Stretch their arms to the Sun
Seeking warmth from each ray
Casting an eye on the Bay
Their secret haunt to pray
All in one voice they say:
"To you , we raise our prayer LORD
Against the law of attraction ,
No ladder , no cord
Certain of the reply
Here in this very heart ,we shall stay "

@copyright August 2018

GIGI MEJRI is a Tunisian teacher of English . She graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Tunis.Passionate of reading and poetry writing ,she believes in the power of the word that serves as a means to spread tolerance and peace  all over the world.Her dream is to see her scattered poems united and published

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  1. "My heart is a fountain
    Pouring out love .
    My veins are streams
    Carrying feelings" Splendidly penned feelings