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“Missed perception of symphony’s fine tunes;
Playing its harmonious music, Can
Fill our world with blind misconceptions.
Open eyes seeing beyond what is learned.
Listen, variant tones- create connections;
Orchestrating an unseen light that burns;
Creation’s light of abounding beauty.”

(Stacia Lynn Reynolds)

It does not matter where a person dwells upon this Earth; we all witness the effects of calamities and war: A soldier on the frontlines, images that daily reel over media, first hand witness of bloodshed, terrorism, global warming, climatic catastrophes, heartache, pain; uncertainty with no gain. The wars between humanity began in the ancient times and has escalated in intensity into today’s world. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of peace among mankind when he stated, “If we are to have peace on earth…Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; And this means we must develop a world perspective.” Mankind needs to find a better position, create a new paradigm, and come to the forefront in the advancement of peace and prosperity; finding purpose within the world we live; looking beyond ourselves and into the eyes of the hurting and hungry.

All throughout history, man has fought fellow man. The position of ideals has had such strong roots, in every corner of the world, that the blood of man taints the soil in which we take our steps. Every country has faced its own civil wars and attacks, but in the perspective of the world, we have witnessed World War I, World War II, and it seems, in the 21st century in which we currently live, the world is marching into a third World War. The position of hate has overtaken the perspective of peace and prosperity. The sounds of harmony have gone flat, which causes many to cringe at its sour tones. The tainted music of hate plays daily over a loud speaker, which is heard all over the world. We must revert our ideals into a world perspective and create a new paradigm of hope.

Humanity must find its purpose and create a new paradigm before we destroy one another. We need to find a better model to follow. There is no doubt that some people in the world are just plain evil; roaming the earth, polluting it with each blackened step. Their only intent is to destroy anything or anyone who is against their stained ideals. Wherever you may dwell, we all face this type of evil, and the unknown fills humanity with fear. But those of us who yearn for freedom of hate, to witness unity consume the hearts of man, and want to take a stand against the war against humanity, need to come to the forefront; planting our feet upon a greater intent.

We, the residents of this world, must come to the forefront, positioning ourselves in the advancement of peace. I have found this position of significant importance in my life; unifying writers, poets and readers from each corner of the world. I desire to see the beautiful tapestry of this world expand for all to see and appreciate. Every inhabitant upon Earth, must innovate new methods, in its course, uniting and exposing freedom of words in our modern age. A common philosophy of peace needs to be central to the paradigm in which we continually create and model in our lives. We need to continue advancing our march in the view of hope and prosperity for all mankind. My greatest desire is for all to come to the forefront; the forefront of today’s inspiring poets and writers around the world. We, as writers, and humanity, must find its purpose; the reason for existence.

How do we, humanity, and each person individually, define purpose? In our day to day steps, from dawn until dusk, do we strive only in self-motivation, or a combination of self and others? What is are our personal resolve or intention in life? Do we calculate our design and dreams beyond personal goals and development? Does the bigger picture extend to the world, or is it constrained to only the four walls in which we reside? In a world in which times are difficult: economically, with constant threats of terror and hate; climatic weather, drowning our land, the spreading of wild fires; famine and pestilence, leave many with a fear of the unknown. A fear which draws one personally into one’s own world, resulting in selfish gain and visions of personal achievement. Life’s purpose has resolved itself into the instinct to survive, varying in the result of positive or negative personal actions. All of humanity must grasp a vision of oneness, moving beyond personal gain and into the purpose of visualizing the bigger picture in the world in which we live.

Finding the purpose of peace and prosperity will allow many avenues to converge into one common road. With a common purpose, visualizing, mankind can move beyond prejudice and focus on the well-being of others. Coming together with one common purpose is not an intended statement for everyone to be the same but finding a common goal to heal and move beyond our fears to feed the hungry, cloth the poor, step in and resolve unfairness. There are many cultures, ethnic groups and beliefs that make up our world called Earth. Each group and individual, as a human being, needs to be respected as a fellow human being. Not every human being is bad, feeding into the fears of others. Not every human being is selfish, robbing mankind. Not every human being is full of evil and hate. There are those, who have been left in the rubble of constant fear that do not know which avenue to pursue, due to fear of being robbed monetarily or robbed of life. The love of many have run cold; some are mean and/or ruthless, while others do not want to extend compassion, because compassion has not been evident in their surroundings. So where does that leave mankind, in a pursuit of purpose, to aid in the well-being of others?

Love overcomes evil, even when the fruit of love is not received by the intended. Connecting the avenues which make up mankind, and meeting on the road, with an intended purpose to pursue peace and unity, mankind may find the light at the end of the dark tunnel in which we walk day to day. If we chose to walk away from any avenue that promotes peace, we are walking in a blackened cloud of dissent.

When a person falls deep into the emotional darkness of hatred, bitterness, and coldness, it begins to consume their heart and soul. The black hues that surround hate will grow into gruesome feelings that well-up/build-up within the heart and mind. Hatred holds others in contempt for a wrong that may or may not have been done; intentional or not. Hatred causes others to hold grudges and have hard feelings. It is malice and hostile. When a person is armed in a bitter conflict with another person or race, it only results in a static relationship; meaning the strife will go nowhere. The conflict will be stationary, with no change. That is where we get the term "butting heads." If a person is pushing and striking against another with hatred and rage in their heart, the relationship has no chance of peace; the world becomes dark; swallowing itself in despair.

The pursuit of negative personal gain has tightened its vice, squeezing the life out of many. People are continually driven by greed, fueled by pride and self-glory. Narcissism, leaves compassion for others in the coldest of winter rains, blowing its frozen intentions across the world. The ideals of self, consume the world, setting ablaze hatred toward others. Self-love, with no consideration for mankind has turned the world into a dark place. The candle of hope can be relit when we visualize the bigger picture for mankind; lighting the candle of peace.

Let us not sit in the background, but continue to lead, with focused attention, with our influential words that inspire, encourage and impel others; kindling the flame of hope, peace and prosperity for all mankind. May our words provoke positive emotion, redirecting feelings of hate. May we also continue to mold ourselves into the perspective of unity, contributing to the paradigm of peace in which we model, and come stand on the forefronts, and promote positive innovations in our purpose and position of greatness.

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