Monday, October 1, 2018




daily many people live a nice story
nothing can make them to be worry.
they don’t have time to think anymore
to the people who die in the war.

everyday they make drama
and hate so much their karma
but not one second they try
to think at the children who die
when the adults in the war fight
no matter for which of the side.

we are living our life in peace
but we don’t realize all of these
that problems any second can be
and cut our life, same as a tree,
so, dear people please don’t forget
that the war forever must end.


I gave you
every second of my life.
I gave you
every breath of my soul.
I gave you
every dream of my heart.
You gave me back
only tears, darknes and sadness.
Still you are my Universe
no matter how far it is.

One day,
you will search me
with all my lost dreams.
it will be too late
because, in that day,
I will know allready
how to be happy
without you.


Let it be your house
a temple of love
where the only queen
is the pure heart.
Let it be your home
a heaven
where your souls
will pray only for peace.
Let it be your house
a beautiful garden
where your lives
will bloom
with every new smile
from the bottom
of the heart.
Let it be your house
a refuge where
only happiness
can be alive.
A real paradise
will be your home
only when all
you'll spread inside
will be the true love.


I dream, sometimes, that you will bring to me
A bunch of roses.
Together with all your love.
In every petals you will  catch
Your exciting words full of the perfume
Of your true feelings.
You will put in every rose a piece of your heart
And catch all of them in one bunch
To be enough for all my life.
The roses are as red as your bloody lips
Who want to take away all of my honey words.
You know that the happiness is complete
Only together with me,
Your other half of soul, for all your life.
Our love is same as one rose who is amazing only when is alive.
Every moment spend together is same as every drop of water
Who  exists in on charming flower.
I know you are dreaming to give me some roses and with them
All of your heart.
And I know that you will choose only red roses
Because this is the colour of our deep love.


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