Monday, October 1, 2018




Over 200 lives lost.

So dear,
Mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, grandpa, grandma, neighbor, friend!
Today serves twenty years since you left
Many things have happened ever since
We have heard an election year and another
Other attacks too, we lost students in Garrisa University attack
Westgate too stole the lives of many
We have heard a president and another
They're times we have laughed, but truth is many times we have cried
The Son you left in my stomach is 20 years now
The wound you left in my heart is 20 years old
But we are breathing just fine
Trying to recall each of the memories we lost
We never forget!

The tree you left 20 years ago, this days we eat its fruits
The clothes you left behind ran out of fashion
Time flies and the world is fast moving
The songs you used to sing this days they are played on Thursdays
They call it throw back Thursday
This days women are crushed on Wednesdays
The sons you left behind, some are preachers, some are thieves
The car you left us with is still dying outside the veranda
Your daughter is still in our hands, in university now
She talks just like you, eats just like you, her smile is just the same as yours
She has learnt to live without a mother
Though sometimes she's all alone under the tree, crying, probably hoping, wishing
But we are breathing just fine
We never forget!

The women in the church choir miss your company
Your friend David succumbed to Cancer
We actually wished him alive, but today is two years since we lost him
We read your name time to time at the embassy
Sometimes we wake up to go see that name one more time
Deep in our hearts hope tells us that we shall find you there
But then we don't, and pain hits us one more time
We promised to be strong, but not always, we have cried the more
See, that Coat you left behind
Jenny shows it to every visitor
She washes it hoping you would put it on someday
I always pretend I don't see her, but she cries every time she holds it
Jenny loved you
But we are breathing just fine
We never forget!

The government promised us Compensation
They did, they did promise
But we have got nothing ever since
We have nursed out own wounds
Paid our own bills
Eaten on our own sweat
Bleeding at heart but smiling with hurt
But we, we have a heart of forgiveness
We have with us, a spirit of forgiveness
We have cried, yes! Pain and pain and pain, Yes
But we have forgiven son, with us a heart so free
Forginess has lead us by!

Its 2018,20 years since you left
Keep resting
We are battling, struggling with wounds
Sometimes we come visiting
At that place they wrote your name
Hopeful to find you there
Hopeful to see you again
Only to find your name, in our hands flowers
To mark yet another year without you
Its painful painful, very painful, we have cried, yes we have, we have been broken, so much!
But We are breathing just fine
We never forget!


Its long miss since last I wrote,
Hope you breath fine to dot,
My innocent pen again has to jot,
Words in phrase, and love the plot,
And so down to paper I ink,
Forgive me, for poetry is my link!
Forgive my last letter miss,
For in it I requested for a kiss,
Rudely I had to ask, but please,
Let the bygones go, again I ask for peace,
Hope days are only adding beauty,
For the last time I checked, still I say pretty!
Hope you told your father about our love,
For not soon shall it take a curve,
Hope you remember my village,
The small hut you spent the night,
And when darkness fell and you needed the light,
I told you my future shall dawn bright,
From grass to grace because your father has the might!
Say my name Malia,
Smile as I walk you down the Nile,
Give you love till you hold me responsible for your smile,
Climb with you the ladder of life,
When we tire, your father shall give us tickets to fly,
And take love to the air, down to lie.
Hope soon you give me a call,
So I can cling to the pole,
Talk to the owner of my soul,
But my shoe! Kindly send me another sole,
My ink is out,
Just that for today!


So just in case you won't live to live again
Then pass my Greetings to all the sons and daughters of limited hope
Am sure shooting death is a waste of bullets
So Let me not lie that I know what you are going through
Because never in my life have I ever received a death penalty, I only build death lines in my death stanzas to create a death poem
I love penalties, not death, I love life, not penalties!

Let me not judge you, No!
Singing a sweet dirge in a wedding is still bitter
Let me not say that what you did Is justified
No, that's not what I am saying, No!
Because a family lost a son through your knife
I wasn't there but if media is anything to go by
Then rest in peace Son of the knife
Taken by snubs and buried by blood
But then Jesus asked, "if any of you has never sinned then throw the first stone "
I love penalties, not death, I love life, not penalties!

So dear Ruth Kamande
If I met you on the street
Your Smile is not anything I could retreat, and I know am not alone
And maybe if you asked me to guess your name
I would probably guess Rose
Not because I love Rose's, but because I love flowers
You are young and beautiful
Maybe given a chance, you wouldn't have done what you did
The problem is that chance maybe will never chance itself to yet another chance
But Jesus said "Let anyone who has never sinned throw the first stone"
I love Penalties, not death, I love life, not penalties!

May the Soul of the Son of snubs rest in peace
And may the Heavens open for yet another chapter of his
Maybe your knife was full of ache
But maybe your heart was full of love
Maybe your knife was full of anger
But your anger was full of Unknown
Maybe we have never loved like you did
But let me not throw the first stone
See, make peace with your heart
Ruth Kamande!

Some of us are still outside here
Because we have only killed in our minds
Killed in our hearts
Killed dreams, killed talents
Killed hope, killed chances
Killed hearts, killed love
Killed humility, killed sacrifice
Killed goodness, killed mercy
But we are still surviving, till proven guilty
We built our own prisons dear, and it us to live in them
May you find peace in your days alive
Forgive, pray and hope
Am sorry, maybe this is false hope
But I was born a poet, and I still believe your, our Better Days Are Right Ahead Of Us!
And God looked back at what he had done, And he said "it is good"


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