Monday, October 1, 2018




It is a lump
Tied to my heart
Pulling it downwards
Pulling it and drowning it
In the murky waters of Earth's suffering!

It overwhelms me
Suffocates me
And brings me to gasp out for fresh air
Sweaty, having awakened from slumber
After indulging in dreams made of sweetness!

It is a chain
Which binds me to my own dark shadows
As if,
I were the evil bird
Meant not to fly free
Meant, rather
To be held prisoner
To be fed and trained
To attack when the need shows itself!

It is a shrewd force
And I, all alone,
Frail and whimpering
Shall vanquish it
As the Love that inhabits me,
The Love that pulls me
Is slowly repairing me
While growing, on my back,
Wings of delight!


Love was met with Ego
Ego turned it into a knave;
Knave of lamentations
It set out towards self destruction!

Love met with the Divine
And it morphed
Into a rose,
A maroon one,
So pleasurable
That the whole Existence
Enjoyed its sight!

Love met Love
And the Ego melted away
Into fresh watery flows!
Imbued with the Divine
Love grew,
And grew
To such an extent
That now,
It seeks only Love
And would not be able to survive
On its own!

Love flew into poetry
Poetry, having tattooed in its lines
Hidden meanings, hidden messages
Meant to be read and to be deciphered!
Pray, Love, without Love,
Shall die!


I could will myself to forget
That your name was whispered to me in a dream
I could even open my arms wide
And pretend to smile and enjoy, my solo ride!

But the throbs pricking my whole self,
From my heart to my senses
Are bleeding
Causing my inner ocean's tumultuous tides to swell
And bringing me to a state
Where all of my molecules
Are dead,
Blown apart!

Why, is love not meant to be such
Imposing, misunderstood, harsh,
Sweet, suffering, submitting,
Causing one to shed off one's garments
To wear those of the other?
Isn't love meant to be such
Made of selfishness, of jealousy
Of caprice, seeking at all times,
Solely to turn into rhythmic
Beats in between the walls of physical intimacy?


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