Tuesday, January 1, 2019




Not a smile
let alone a laugh
that leave on your face
furrows of a life lived in joy
but a frowning forehead
raised eyebrows and
lips always ready
to move reproaches

Whether you like it or not
the day will come when
you will be called to account for it
and then you will not be allowed to lie
nor adduce explanations
that had a logic
for you alone

Your face stiffened in a grimace
will tell of your anger
of your grudges
your incapacity to grasp
the beauty that is in a flower
hear the bird's melodies
when cheerful they sing songs
in spring
or listen to the murmur of the waves
when under a starry sky
they tell stories
of lovers and sailors
@ Maria Miraglia


Like a thief
I steal from time
Fragments of my life
To keep them  carefully
In a crystal casket
So when fate is
To me adverse
The memory
Of those fleeting moments
That drew once
Smiles on my face
Brightened my soul
Like a ray of white moon
A dark night
Will make me feel alive
In a world of deaths
@ Maria Miraglia


Quiet is the sea
to the farthest horizon
like a child's sleep
in a mother's arms
blue and transparent
under the clear sky
of a spring morning
cheered by the seagulls' singing
that seems to call to
high thoughts
truths far and unknown
places lived
when brisk was the pace
sweet but indomitable the spirit

I can hear
its caressing voice
the waves chasing each other
in their steps of dance
telling of old stories
of pirates sailors
and lovers under starry nights

I could watch it endlessly
and never get tired


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