Tuesday, January 1, 2019




You're watching me, baby,
How do I collect barren flames
From the polar star
Sad and lonely
Night fisherman
On Lonely Islands
Of summer tears.

The spider Passes
Around me
Steam wrapped
Over the root torn
From pain and scorching heat
Of the stunned Forest
Near the last mystery.

I dreamed of flying
To the unknown shores
By the light of hope
Flashed of dreams
Willow bud
Over the raw foliage
Where the stars were lost
Through the distant wasteland.


Come and fall in front of you like the gate
Brăila fortress, i quake with winters
and afternoons in which you stepped alone
As in a monochrome painting with
Concentric spheres, surrounded you
Live butterflies and the late cold of boundlessness
The color, you worship the cucea of silence
As a word fallen over the empty skies
Harvested by the moon and the insertion star.
The vulgar vultures are giving us a tour, baby
Over waters and buds, with the cold in mind,
They want our crucifixion with the distance
Defeated and tried by lightning, looking for us
By the dawn pândițied by the immense snows,
Troienindu us like blind birds
What's the way up and the sound in
Columns, there's so much oblivion behind us
Like a late miss through the wrinkle of the mist
From the birth of the moment, with whom we nălțăm
And builded in the new blind citadels, where you were
Just you and blues eyes looking for me
Through the rain and a scorching heat defeated by expectations.


I picked your breasts full of lava,
Fulguiri of moments, sweet poison.
You get me by the wild throat,
Your hidden and lonely skies.
If I lose myself in love and hunger,
Foam waves, swirls in the ridges.
You can walk me through the endless,
Forgotten love like granite.
When I'm blind through clarity,
Silence tight deep

And it leaves me, lord, not contained,
By the star of the hot yearning.

And it calls me from afar,
In the hip of smoke to sway.


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