Tuesday, January 1, 2019




There is a place on the world map
around which my thoughts revolve like a halo.
There is a melody hidden there in the keyboard of a piano
and that old song close to my heart,
which is a measure of the inside and immensity of conscience.

There are paths there which I followed for so many years,
and places where words were born,
which filled the first blank sheet of white paper.

There, with a tangle of arms, I have taken hold of my future,
and with my mouth of lust I lit the spark of first love,
which the wind of desire blew into the immortal fire.

Today, thrown abroad, into the steadfast land of rain,
in the flashes of the sun I see frost on my temples
- longing for a turbulent youth,
taken by the eternal intricacy of my fate.

And I close my eyes more often than I'd like,
to keep the form and essence of thoughts,
and I place my hands on my ears,
to drown out the sadness that by the shrill sound
is coming from the depths of my soul.


We children of the stars –
Atoms of life
Born of cosmic dust
In the cold darkness of the galaxies
In a tiny fraction of their existence

We children of the stars –
They arose from silence
Descendants of the white dwarves
Thrown out of the emptiness
In their rocky blocks

We children of the stars -
Lonely wanderers
From the stellar tumuli
Lost in the abyss of self-discovery
We create and we die

We children of the stars –
The only source of life
The pagans and believers
The only ones present
With the soul of the universe


We muse more often about time,
which passes with our every step.
And every day we ask ourselves:
why is life escaping from us into the gray?

Let's hide in our love,
before the remaining feelings fade,
before the source of hope dries out.

Let us hear out the sunny dreams,
Let the wise words speak out,
That are full of the need to break the silence
– let them express their grief.

Let’s draw away from the unrest,
Let us reject ideas that frighten us
And with tears in our eyes, let us love,
Without the fear of losing the whole world.

Let's go back to the teenage years,
full of dreams and wild journeys.
And let's take care of what could happen tomorrow,
to happen today.



PIOTR KASJAS born on July 1969 in Pabianice, Poland. He is a recognized Polish poet, casual publisher and lyrics writer. Ambassador of Polish culture, a participant of international cultural events and prestigious festivals of poetry.His works have been translated into English, German, Russian, Byelorussian, Yakut and Romanian. It includes over 100 works presented on radio, published in newspapers, in literature periodicals, in collections of poems and a number of almanacs and anthologies of Polish poetry published in Poland and other countries. He is one of the few Polish word creators whose work is included in many international almanacs and anthologies published in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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