Tuesday, January 1, 2019




My skin breathes in the African sun,
my soul embraces the rivers that run,
my eyes feast upon the animals that feed,
and the farmer that religiously plants his seed.

A million stars light the African night,
twinkling brightly with abundant delight,
inviting us all to partake in this sight,
joining hands as the sun brings us light.

Africa, pure Africa, is being ripped to shreds,
women and children being destroyed on their beds,
shame and disgrace follow the men around,
as with weapon and destruction they go to ground.

This is not a man, this is not what men do,
these are not the paths they should pursue,
let's come to our senses and escape captivity,
reach forth our souls onto paths of divinity.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Skies are lit with a million lights,
blood is spilt in a million fights,
What is it that you're living for?
What is it that you're dying for?

What is the purpose that you are given life,
when you waste it away on fighting and strife?
What is the point of the air that you breathe,
when at the end of the day the fighting won't cease?

Tell me man, what's that weapon in your hand?
Causing destruction and terror upon the land !
But then again, you cannot even speak,
as the gentle and meek give the other cheek !

Turn those weapons into meaningful tools,
working the lands until the sun cools,
reach out to help and protect the weak,
become useful in life before you wash down the creek.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


In and out of the African wild,
free and happy like natures child,
adventures and fun in the glorious sun,
fear and trembling while in the run.

Animals and birds that frolic and tweet,
little antelope so gentle and sweet,
the roaring lion making its stand,
claiming its place upon the land.

Nature and man living side by side,
showing deep respect with which to abide,
sunrise and sunset in magnificent splendour,
adventures wild and sometimes tender.

Come and take a journey with me,
to times and places which are wild and free,
let me take your mind on a joyful spree,
enjoying real life adventures and see what's to be.
Zararia Yul © Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: Natures child, free and wild, always seeking opportunities to explore nature and vanish into the wilderness, far away from the maddening rush of such an artificial life, all the stress and heartache of the fast life, where we have lost our true worth and sold our virtues and values for mere material possessions that grow old and rust away. The poetess now searches the inner person again, to restore the values of truth and purity in the search for completeness.....

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