Tuesday, January 1, 2019




It sounds like thunder storm
It is sparkling too bright
That is gathering lighting to the earth
For simultaneously awakening
No substance is like Him
Should be praised whole days
Though year is changed
No matter for praising as long as belief be in heart
That Almighty, God be in sincerely with humble creatures
No separation with others exist
Because He who as a determiner of all
Let us be witnesses for so long
As far as there is no conflict
And that will be humanistic
For all people around the corner of cities
Keep this as a memory to establish relationship


He looks like the angel from Radiant Claims
That brings sincere life to the livings
Who makes India be graceful like daffodils under the trees beneath the hills
He is the hero of a country be brave a like a lion to rule
All people like him , the way he lives, rules
And humanity becomes fine to touch in every corner of the city
He was a great of his age to bring healthy lives
As like the green leaves blooming beside the mountains
Keep a good name of him be like the sun shining
Whereas the lighting enlighten all the lands
That futurity of all be like golden rose
That the poor will be changed,,,and the rich will be glory
Not complaint how he applied
Because of responsibility,,,because of responsibility
India seems to be much in fame
Since the appearance of a King,,,king of King be praised like gods
That he looks like a sparkling light towards
And bring PEACE to all that lives be in harmony
Keep his good name as well be remembered of all ages
Whose name Mahatma Gandhi as the best philosophizing in the world of lives


What are human beings like there justified?
Otherwise, they are in conflict
That is not like wild beasts in the jungles seen
How can the lighting be spreading from Radiant claims
If not human relation be unique
Avoid conflict
Avoid discrimination
Avoid oppression
Avoid insulting
Avoid murdering
Everything will be all right if the sun will be smiling to gaze
That what all mean in the decade of global peace
To make the creatures be in success
Not to kill each other
Not to find out what wrong done
What is being conducted in lives
Try to evoke goodness rather than worst actions
That illustrated humanity for peace
Makes this world be in harmony
Makes this world be in saved and sound
How can this be like what you mean?
If humanity be considered as rubbish
Let something be thrown in the dustbin
As the poor and the rich are precisely different
No hearty in a bless by others
No attention to motivate the poor
To make the gap between
For this verse be urged as the rain to fresh
That humanity is a part of the whole world to keep
If not, what will be happened then?
Where is the justice?
What humanity stands there still?
Be considered to take part of all
It sounds like the thunder storm in the sky
Whereas the birds hate to fly
Even no a single bird wishes to sing in the tree
Because of having disappointed to live in
That this world is cruel for being existed
Where is the governance of a country?
To make this world be calm rather than to create a riot
That societies are humble creatures among of all
They have no power and authority to adopt lives
Because of being trauma killed by atomic bomb
Try to keep a well known figures of humanistic among
Since this world is not longer to live in
All the trees be kept drying
As the water of a land be in dried
And the sea is roaring to achieve the lands
Let see who will be justified to make wrongs and goodness
Keep this in mind before the twilight comes to the west
Before the breath comes out from the flesh
That the right of theirs at all
Not really to demand the mistakes
Keep up good relations among
For the sake of simultaneously lives on the earth
Almighty will be smiling to see
That blue sky will be bright then
Try to avoid the misunderstanding
Mutual understanding among is precious
daffodils under the trees beneath the hills
Otherwise, this world be in chaotic
All the creatures are useless running the lives in
That this world belongs to us since
Avoid cruelty,,,avoid cruelty,,,avoid cruelty
Makes the sun be bright and gives lighting
To enlighten all the hope being existing
Because humanity is a brother of PEACE


Brain is an organ
Important part of thinking
No wonder to say so
For it needs a rest to explore
It is not like a robot
As its function to steer
What is good ot bad
Mean while to make a balance
To get a driving force
When the heart is in command
Think twice before doing
No regret to gain at the end
Let the organ be in function
As long as the blood floods
To avoid misunderstanding
Because of different taste


It is a notice for my age that my longing for the last december,2018
Is like the rain bow coming at mid day
For it will fade away as soon as possible
My count of thy age is still young but very old in performance
Because the year will be missing
The next year will be a paradise to keep
Where humanity is a brother of PEACE
And that is the last urge of thy saying to greet
All be not misunderstanding for every movement of lives
That is the humanistic relationship
May not be like the water fall going down the hills
To say apologize for every greeting
Be a humanistic relationship among of all
Among the poets be expected to say sincerely
Because life is like the past year to say good bye


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