Tuesday, January 1, 2019




I wonder about men and their battles within
Senseless wars carried out from sin
I watched them fight, watched them die
If they could have seen wasted effort from my eyes
Mist covered bodies lay on the ground
Flying away my tears dropping down
Upon the wind I shall sing again
Unlike the lost souls of these men


Sheets wrapped around each other
Twilight whisper shall never love another
Glorious scent of their flaming fire
Wine of one’s heart banquet of desire
Mornings dew shall never find thy rainbows cry
Every star, forgotten sigh
I’ll dream this dream a million times
To have you by my side


For I have seen life upon a wing
Wishing only to believe
Life will always be
Fate is not deceived
The past has gone deep
Wrapped for a future feast
One name written as birth has given
Declining laughter within each chapter
Peace, gentle touches another face
Knowing she shall soon love another
As fate gently takes another plate


MARSHA L CENICEROS: She is a creative entrepreneur, accomplished author, and poet who calls the Inland Empire home. Throughout the course of her writing career, she has been featured in an array of radio interviews, such as Eleanor’s Elite Radio - Radio Host Eleanora Rubino-Erdogan, Speak Up Talk Radio & Those Radio Kids - Radio Host Pat Rullo, Who’s Hot Orlando - Radio Host Lisa Sue, KCAA RADIO, iHeart, iTunes, Speaker, STITCHER, and Tunien. Most recently, she accepted a speaking engagement at CJUSD Family Reading Con, sharing valuable information along the creation of characterization of science fiction writing. As a long time author, Marsha has a multitude of different fiction and non-fiction genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, Horror and Poetry. Eclectic, yet focused in her approach, the stories she pens are astounding, within all her genres she never failed to instigate inner awakening and offer new perspectives that capture her reader’s heart. To find out more about Marsha L Ceniceros both creatively and personally, follow her on social media.

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