Tuesday, January 1, 2019




It's all so quiet
So still
So lovely
Sitting around the fire
With nothing left undone~
Telling stories of the days event
And the beauty of God's love
With the beginning
Of old man winter
Roaming around the bend~
Sipping hot chocolate
Singing softly
Never being alone
You say I am loved
Yes I tell you
I believe
Yes I believe~
Debbie Brooks (c)


What would you do if your mom walked in the door?
A smile just for you, would you smile back?
what would you do if your dad said hello?
a message just for you when you get home.
What would you do, even if they are now in heaven
waiting just for you?
Would you wait breathlessly holding your breath?
I need to know before you say another word
you hear don't you? their precious voices?
i am and always will be looking for them
in the great beyond~
What would you do? would you sit and have coffee
or put your arms around them and tell them
how much you love them, how much you care
how much you want their wisdom one more time~
I know feelings are hard to come about these days
but it's never been hard, because I give you my heart
I gave it all to you, a long time ago
the day I saw your face when I was on the floor~
So Jesus, will you make room for me?
will you forgive these sins of mine?
Because I am holding my breath just to see your face
and i want to see my parents just one more time~
What would you do?
Debbie Brooks (c)


Each night I lay to rest
say a silent prayer for the ones I love
sweet dreams would fill my night
as my life of memories seem to float on by
I would wake up like in a trance
thinking of memories that I might had missed~
Words always plaque me
oh so true
how each one loved me
even the ones that are lost
while I shed a happy tear
that heal the broken hearts~
All of us search for love
wondering when and where it would happen
when love is really right in front of you
just go to sleep in your dreams
you will see them, I know!
All we have is to share, and love
never give up on your dreams
I say, you will see your life
softly in your dreams
you will see them too~
This is where memories live
in our dreams so true!
Debbie Brooks (c)


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