Thursday, August 1, 2019




There comes a time

When your eyesight is alright

Yet your eyes cease seeing

You exist but you cease living

Everything in you refuses living

When you cease hoping

When you cease feeling

Only your spirit keeps the door ajar

Waiting in faith for nature character

For a fresh sprout to split the ground

Wave softly in a dance with the breeze

Slit the darkness and establish dawn

Among falling dry autumn leaves

To bloom them into colourful flowers

Spreading life refreshing fragrances

Teaching your eyes to see anew.
Houda Boukassoula


Oh Daddy

How can I forget

The day You left

I was only eight

Yes I still remember

Never able to forget

Seeking refuge in your arm

After every nightmare or harm

With that strong belief

To find there my relief

Still unable to forget

How firm you were

When you meant to correct

Yes I’m fifty, yet I remember

How you taught me romance

Talking that eye language with mum

How you taught me affection

With your parental devotion

How I acquired self reliance

When you left without reference
Houda Boukassoula


Every wrinkle on my face you see
Recalls a time you shared with me
Getting rid of them is a nightmare
Part of our love is wrinkles and grey hair
We looked like blossoming sprouts
Nourished by the same water and ground
Heated between sun and cloud
Cuddled by a gentle breeze
Together we used to grow
Joy and sufferings we learned to undergo
A deep sigh might release our sorrow

As time marks we try not to show
If only we choose to stay together
Hand in hand we will across the river
Houda Boukassoula


HOUDA BOUKASSOULA was born in Tunisia in 1969.Graduated from Tunis University of Arts and Human Sciences. Worked as an English teacher in Tunisian high schools. Has written articles as a Basic Plus Author in Writes English poems on spirituality, humanity, peace, love and nature.

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