Thursday, August 1, 2019




You, flower over the entire sea, my heavenly river
modern cartographers did not know you
existed, but I knew you. The humankind
might never know
the location, the depth of your heart.
How do I learn a man’s heart? Been a mystery
even knowledge of all time does not teach me.
Only by intuition a glimpse at your eyes
relying on the right hemisphere of my brain
until suddenly my heart made you familiar
by affection of faith.
You are different
sea flower of my heart, my heavenly river
when I discovered you on my life’s flow
by divine intuition, you were, you are
a river of love.
Now, my man river you live in my soul, blue hope love action
full of life’s water, next to the water’s woods
planted with palm trees. Your love
blue river, surrounds the world
you a river of our love
blue universe of love
my inner peace.
© Roula Pollard


A poem,
my poem, is a
kiss on the horizon
voice from red lips in
love, expectancy as time
as energy runs on lips
lips, as in lovers' dream
a time comes, blessed time
when a healer utters a prayer
hope grows on my knees, as prayers
as red geranium hanging from a balcony
express gratefully the gratitude of their
heart, when the sea enjoys her blueness
when seagulls find their food in the sea
when waves roll on their own happiness
here-there comes a time for humankind
to recover  its mind, as it always has tried to do
and waits, awaits, as sea waves move forcefully
A seagull says "Mankind needs urgently a cure,
to awaken from its fever, fears, its rising heat
of clouds-wars, mankind needs another peaceful dawn

a cure, multiple cures, research, even better a miracle"
a seagull says, as I send a poem kiss to the horizon
© Roula Pollard


Rain has a scent like eucalyptus mixed
with lavender, mint, thyme,
love with rosemary. Strange
clouds above Athens today
the Acropolis’ serene strength
empowers all with its sun of hope.
This scent from the past inspires like a personal treasure
always eager for a new destination with love. Tourists in pilgrimage
like bees on flowers.  Will it rain?

Strangeness is a common place in our time.
The sun has many colors, so does hope.
Olive trees familiar with Peace ascend antiquity
grasshoppers share their green promises
on wild flowers spreading their abundance.
This is my home. Wherever I wander
I return here, inside the fragrance of Greek times
inside the spirit of my ageless country, ageless
like endless time. I ascend eons of history, I feel its pulse.

Did you hear the weather forecast today?
“All is fine, sunny intervals with rain of hope”.
Do not take your umbrellas, celebrate with me, in Athens
as it rains abundant Hope with love
on the Acropolis


ROULA POLLARD was born in Greece; she studied History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University in England where she lived for 25 years establishing her international appearance in Letters. She is a Greek inspirational poet, writer, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist. She has received international Poetry awards and participated in many international festivals. Her work has been included in more than fifty International Poetry anthologies and published in various literary magazines around the world, along her personal engagements, she promoted the work of more than 200 poets, writers, and artist worldwide. Roula has published three Poetry collections in Greek: “Presence”, “Silence Points”, “The Birth of Beautiful Time”, also, her poetry collection in English “Century of Love” has been translated into Telugu. She is translated in French, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu. Her Poetry, through the themes of love and healing, war, hope and peace deals with social, environmental, political and humanitarian issues.


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