Thursday, August 1, 2019



with the sweats
of the wheat fields
another world would’ve opened
painting the canvas yellow
the chant from the heart
was charmed with the words
the storm in the inner world
of the deserting person without a backward glance
setting accounts with the moments
already passed and ended
at the summer movie theatre
the fireflies
the guardians
of the flaming pale blue air
a request
starting with me
and ending with me
ah, go figure
and find a cure for me
let your making love with your essence go
let the eyelashes of the summer
brush your eyes


A never ending cycle, circling the universe with its precise chaos
Humans, half-alive plants – or we think so – they might be livelier even
A conscious mind or a disturbed soul – what is known or not known
Believe me says a wise, an aged and a seasoned man of many faces

Imagining things might occur too, at time too many
The hopes fly and land in some instances
Autumn leaves find their place in somewhere unexpected
Be it the floor on the forest of a wind’s wing to be carried away

What is Autumn’s philosophy or why is it in between seasons
The branches of the body want to break up from it
Leaves usher the way as if kids leaving home
There are no moms of dads to come to rescue

Come on find a way not to see the leaves fall nearby
You may close your eyes to ignore your heartache
If it ever happens to you to say goodbye to someone
It may start the season of Autumn already there ready…


Should I leaf through the pages of that notebook of secrets
Should I listen to the songs dropping down from that past
Should I say they were the best of all dreams and realities
Would you give me what we could not have lived, should I wanted

I would have been captive of our dreamy looks
I would have shivered hopelessly before you without your touch
There are some unsettled accounts in the cruel world
Would you give me what we could not have lived, should I wanted

We would have taken a look at the starry dark blues together
Our breaths would have been coalesced into one in an instant
Our words to utter would have gone silent at that moment
Would you give me what we could not have lived, should I wanted


MESUT ŞENOL: Graduated from the Political Science Faculty of the Ankara University. Earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Public Relations. Served as District Governor, Vice-Governor and Mayor in various regions of Turkey. Worked as an editor at the Directorate General for Press and Information, and produced and presented programs for TRT and some private TV channels. Served as Prime Ministry’s PR Division Head and Prime Ministry Advisor responsible for international Institutions and Organizations. He was on the Steering Committee to represent the Turkish Government in organizing the 9th World Productivity Congress held in Istanbul at the Çırağan Palace. Provided PR and advertisement services to many prominent organizations and institutions in Istanbul in his capacity as a PR and Communications Company (ADV Incorporated) General Manager. His seven poetry collections were published, and many of his poetry and literary translations appeared in many national and foreign literary publications and anthologies. A freelance translator and instructor on public relations, communications, public speaking and voluntarism. Attended in a number of national and international poetry and literary festivals in the country and abroad, and acting as an organizer for some of them. An Honour Prize laureate of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes 2011. Mr. Senol is a member of the Turkish PEN Center, Union for Translators, Turkey’s Writers Syndicate, FILM-SAN, Turkish Journalists Association, Union of Authors of Scientific and Literary Works, and FIJET (World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers. He serves on the Executive Board of the Three Seas (Baltic Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea) Writers and Translators Council headquartered in Rhodes. He is the Culture Delegate of Spain based literary organization Liceo Poetico De Benidorm and a member of Movimiento Poetas del Mundo. He was awarded with the First Prize at the International Galeteo Literature Prize Contest in Italy in September 2017. Currently he teaches at the Communications Department of Bahçeşehir University and the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies of Yeditepe University.

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