Thursday, August 1, 2019




He asked me to swim with him, nude,
In the widespread turquoise beach,
With blue sky above and golden 🌞 sun.

We swam and swam and the swim went on
And we jumped and fell and bounced again
And swam across the lovely beach
As fast as we could, as close as our hearts were.
And he caught me and kissed me and embraced
And we ran on the sand
With flowers in our hands
And chocolates in our mouths
And we were having fun
While eating the fresh buns
Then we sat close to each other
And very very closer
And we kissed and made love
Then again we swam
It was like a dream
A dream that came true
Then he offered me a ring
And my heart  began to sing
“Strangers in the  night!”
Although it wasn’t night
And we were strangers no more.
Seven worlds we explored
Together, with hand in hand.
And his eyes were deep like pools
I fell in them and swam
He asked to swim in mine
I asked him to swim with me, nude!
Naila Hina


Nine ducks
Highway bridge
Nine days
Tree of life
Two Ravens
And memory!
Nine world's
Divine mead
Making the story
Those who drank
Ravens spit
Are good poets
N those who drank
The other way
Are bad poets!
Check out!!
23/July 2019


Even in Tartarus
The song of Achilles
Will be sung by Patrocules
No matter if Thetis told him the fate
And the boatman is given
Two coins of gold to pass it
All risks are nothing to go and find
On Andromeda, for Helen has
a face that launched a thousand ships!
And Paris will make
A new empire
To rule the world
With renewed Gods
They will name Athena’s wisdom
Minerva! And Venus will take
The Aphrodite!
Zeus will come with thunder bolt
With new name Jupiter and
Hera’s anger will shine Apollo
And Artemis
In Apophis cave!
They were like that, one shines like Ra
And virgin hunts the Amazon!
So take all risks
On oceans deep
Like Perseus took
From now Neptune!
Naila Hina
June 18 at 11:53 PM


Let the fable sun smile
Why take heaven in
Serpentine cave!
Watch for the wind!
Which carries hounds
Of alpha  wolf
On full moon nights
For Rome wasn't bulid
In one day!
Naila Hina, June 18, 2019


NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and a manager in top notch firms, Naila Hina is a friend of the world and the director general of world press agency Pakistan chapter,  APCESX business group, USA. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in mechanical engineering with MBA and CMA. Multitalented. Her book name is Bahisht e Char Saat. Many articles and poetry, science fiction videos  and fantasy.

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