Thursday, August 1, 2019




The rage clears the foreground, it grinds little things
until they calm down. The large ones rise in the secret
spaces of the imagination. Mandela has exhorted: there is no
future with no forgiveness. some people claim that dogs
live in the present, others that the evil done to them
stays in the animal forever. anyone can spit out
the internal stones and can also store them.
the gravity doesn't make a difference. the rage arouses
other senses, the forgiveness arouses lightness.
kicks, excitement, tin cups – the indifference
of the transitory frees from the smallness.


Yes, I was there. I saw these meadows, people
stuffed with happiness, the happiness full
of people. and I could change - this flash -
through all the letters of the alphabet, I say:
lightness or nothing, and still you would know.
like this, that you are and I am a God, but here,
most often, even I'm writing this poem,
the human wins in us.


Shallow breath and again I'm going in
where it's darkest. Messiah is born
everyday and he dies everyday.
third day is the day of victory.
return to the game or welcome
in a distant messenger's house.
a house full of mirrors.



AGNIESZKA WIKTOROWSKA-CHMIELEWSKA – Polish poet, playwright, editor. The author of Poemik “and here, and here” awarded in the competition organised by the City of Krakow on a poetic's debut in 2014. And author “Szczęściodoły”, “Troika”, “Krąg ochronny”. Published in collective works and in literary magazines.

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