Thursday, August 1, 2019




Corpses of varied colors
With peeling out ,dust coated skins
Lay there, battered
Reeking of dereliction
A junkyard..
A mortuary of cars..
Broken glasses through which
Straggly weed peeps at
The bold declaration
"Rahul loves Priya".
The wheels stuck in
Years of desertion ..

When the night settles
Above the dust of the bustling city
They start sharing tales
In hushed tones
About the first tentative kiss
Late night drives
The intertwined fingers
Of the bride n her groom
Or blissful destinations
Revelry of boisterous teens
Grim silences
Of promises and dreams
Dejection and deceit..
Or even the final  muttering
Of a hapless driver..

On the busy ,vibrant streets
Swanky ,gleaming beauties
Zoomed with their masters..


After the long, long wait
The sky watched the hill
Don the purple blue raiment
With its resplendent fragrance
Rising up to allure him

Dainty bells of 'kurinji’ flowers
Have sprung forth
In an explosion of blue
Azure clouds stretched down
To caress the matchless beauty

The spectacle of their union
To the gaze of
The ones who raze and ravage,
The ones who gouge out the souls
Cleaved roads and barricading boulders
Guarded their sweet privacy
The only witnesses
Rolling mists
And the dappled little fawns

Bother the lovers not
When they melt and merge
Into an ocean of blue

Bother them not!

(Neela kurinji flowers blooms in once in twelve years and the hills of Munnar bursts into a sea of blue!)


I pick the colours
Only gentle and pleasant
Nothing harsh on the eyes
I leave out the dull ones
On the palette
Bright and loud ones too ..
Deftly,I wield my brush
Not a smudge
Nor an unsightly blotch
All my shades, just right..
All the drab hues
Of beiges and greys
Of gripping ennui..
Striking shades of
Carmine and purple
Congealed in the veins
Splash over the canvas
With a vengeance..


SINDHU SOOSAN VARGHESE is a homemaker who lives in Pune. She writes poetry both in English and Malayalam .She is an Agricultural Science graduate with an MBA  and also holds a graduate degree in English Literature .She has published a poetry collection in Malayalam '(vaakku pookkunna yamangal ' )and her poems  have been published in periodicals and online portals regularly .One of her poems has been included in the anthology ' The Current' edited by Seena Sreevalson ,recently. Her favourite themes include love,feminine sensitivity,girl child and  social issues.

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