Thursday, August 1, 2019




I cannot hide the color of my spirit
always shinning to the highest sky,
rainbow above rainbow which connects two banks,
paces to the stairs of the sun,
a raindrop remained in the window
outlined in the charts of blue facades
the world lost to the unknown boundaries
in the eyes of the dusks reawakened again.

My temple remains the same
with oracles
which retrieves the hope to divinity
chasing after other thrones of Gods
albatross wandering in the storm,
reflected to the glowing candlesticks of yearn
and burned to the last love!

Well, the last migrants left
slowly they are fading away flying to the sky ...
I am the only one remaining here
to the same abandoned park
bare to the sin of the season
the lone guide
of the way with no return 


and the word spread out
to an open alley behind the curtains of thoughts
very distant from our area
somewhere there between the clouds
where skies are torn and lightning is ignited
flares between feelings
waves of feelings confined to the silence
with na orbital movement of veins,
which blazes
reborn of dawns
the blazed volcano
through the cycle of time existence
and wanders to the eternity among us
laid in  white sheets of hieroglyphs
carved to the wandering which follows us…
in a bed of feelings
wings of a veil with entrusted hope
the separated flows, life...


We fly to the celestial orbits
questing for further emotions
where each feeling is linked to the specter of the color...
Post-autumn musical notes
score of my soul.
… and an instant comes where everything is outlined
in a harmonic dance of sensations,
where paces leap the circles
of the flying wings,
innocence of crossed arches.
And you stop..
illuminated drops of dew,
which reach the ocean of eternity.
You are a star
swallowed by the galaxies,
among sighs of the breathing universe,
… until the eternity.


I have learned to keep silent,
like a muted nymph punished by Hera
the unconstrained jealousy of the head-goddess
my inability to express my feeling.

And I remained silent
to the Olympus with the heart drawn to the earth
deaf beatings
of the dumb chords
eyes which swallowed up all skies
and shined to the altar into the blinding suns.

Reborn as Dionysius
I returned to the merci of Zeus
once more, me, the siren  of azure waters
appearing like the waves of the sea of love.


JULJANA MEHMETI was born in the city of Durres, in Albania. Since she was a child she became fond about literature and writing, especially poetry, a genre that in the following years will turn into a real life motive, a way to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions and metaphysics , her point of view according to her consciousness but also improving the awareness of the same suggestion that surrounds the human world. The first book “Soft – Poems” published in Italian language attracted the attention of publishers and Italian literary criticism, not only for its particular style, but also for new words, the language used, the philosophical message and the currents present in her poems that go from Hermetism to Surrealism. The second book comes from the field of translation entitled “Vramendje” – (Rimugino “) of the Italian author Alessandro Ferrucci Marcucci Pinoli, which will constitute the first experience in this field, but will also strengthen his long-standing conviction, to know and translate in his language, many popular Italian authors.. The collection of poems “Oltrepassare” is her new book, which presents itself with the new tendencies of Albanian literature, postmodernism and universal consciousness, from experimental currents to absurdity. She currently lives and works in Ancona, Italy.

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