Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Being Happy...

When I sit and watch the blue sky
I fall in love with my Creator
How could he create such a wonder where moving clouds dance to the tune of sparkling stars and breezy night
When I am tired and weary of my routine work
My coffee makes me perky and and I feel energetic like a young girl
Looking at the fresh blooms and buds
About to open up I sit and wonder
How great is God !
When I go for a swim in the sea and enjoying the salty spa I fall in love with myself again and again
As my mind is relaxed and rejuvenated to do any task
And can dance throughout night non stop !
Life is awesome
When you choose what  makes you happy as being happy is your birthright
And I am happy I am alive to enjoy
My life the way I like !

The Nature ..

The green mountains
Touching the sky so blue
Reflecting in the water
The beautiful huts so simple and healthy
What an awesome landscape !
Everything is pleasant here with only serenity and calm !
How I wish I could just spend a day there
Away from the maddening crowd of the city full of pollution !
Your eyes get rejuvenated looking at this resplendent nature !
I will sit on the greens and float paperboats in the blue blue water reminiscing my childhood days !
Is this where God resides?
I am sure yes !
He often waters the hills and plants for them to remain evergreen for
The mankind !
Let's all worship God's beautiful gifts
Not felling trees and polluting the air
By throwing plastics and empty cans and leftover eatables
Full of moss inviting mosquitoes
Spreading dreaded diseases!
Let's inhale pure oxygen
In the fresh air freely gifted by God !

At Last. ..

My heart was heavy
Sitting silently in a corner
When all my friends were enjoying the yummy dishes and juices
My eyes were teary and red
Facing storms of life
I couldn't talk nor care a
damn for the enjoyment
For I was a torn and tattered soul ditched by him after many years of sweet friendship
I don't know why I came
To the party with my old clothes
May be thinking I would find him here
But no he wasn't there
I saw a middle aged man
Coming towards me with
Concern for my loneliness
He lifted my chin
And asked
Hey what's wrong?
Do you mind if I ask you for a dance looking deep into my eyes with no words uttered
I could feel his heart
A heart of gold he possessed
We danced while he wiped my tears kissing me with passionate love
I melted in his softness
I found a man who loved and cared for me ..
a girl who owns nothing but a heartful of love !


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