Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Am A Wanderer

wordless sermons
to stray dogs
I am a seagull
in a self-made cage
aching for waves
I am a rope dancer
for a smile and a dime
I am a stamp
on the wrong letter
and the right letter
in the wrong word
I am the keyword
to the lock
of a doorless house
I am homeless
inside a home
inside a stone house
I am a burning stone
I am embers
glowing in the dark
I am a wanderer
roaming for light

On Looking At A Blackbird
 In Deep Winter

dark flight from the bare branch
into the snow

on the shores of the Blue Sea
drifting seagulls, white paper boats
the hourglass has stopped
no brooding wrinkles the forehead of the sea
the sun hangs in the sky
like an overripe apple
our bodies

the blackbird flies back

I Saw A Man

on the subway platform
thin face
edgy cheek bones
black full beard
I thought it was Jesus
he collected signatures
on the skin of his arms
and empty bottles
from waste containers
to send messages
on parchment rolls
asked for addresses
mumbled something
about salvation
while trains speeded
past his ulcerous feet
but nobody listened
people were in a hurry
to catch the next connection
to call home
or elsewhere
to make arrangements
for dinner

nobody listened


Dr. APRILIA ZANK is a lecturer for Creative Writing and Translation Theory from Germany. She is also a poet, a translator and editor of anthologies. She writes verse in English and German, and was awarded a prize at the “Vera Piller” Poetry Contest in Zurich. Her poetry collection TERMINUS ARCADIA was 2nd Place Winner at the Twowolvz Press Poetry Chapbook Contest 2013. BAREFOOT TO ARCADIA was translated in Telugu by the eminent Indian poet Dr. L. S. R. Prasad and published in India in 2018 as a bilingual book. Her Beat poetry collection READING THE SIGNS was launched in the USA in 2019. Aprilia has received wide recognition in both western and eastern countries for her merits and achievements. She is active in many literary and artistic groups, a frequent judge in poetry and photography competitions, and a member of the editorial boards of advisors of prestigious literary platforms such as Our Poetry Archive (OPA), Sahitya Anand Literary Journal and Athena, Journal on Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2018, she was awarded the title “Dr. Aprilia Zank – Germany Beat Poet Laureate – Lifetime” by the National Beat Poetry Foundation (USA). Aprilia is also a passionate photographer. Many of her images are prize winners and have been selected for poetry book covers.

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