Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Suicide And A Ciggy

It must have been one of these few nights,
he didn't tell her he loved her
I assume he forgot to,
as she was drunk and sad
he hated that
especially the fact she lacked
discipline and control
passively aggressive
he punished her
with denial
she got sick of the noise
cars going nowhere in the sky
sick of the coldness in his voice.

she ordered her last dinner, a ciggy and a suicide
shared it with the angels on her balcony
then flew.

Burnt Out

All of a sudden
I felt so heavy
couldn't move my lips
all paralyzed
felt only one desire
quit my work
lay down
burnt out
in a deep void
like crazy
run as fast as I can
go far and beyond
the moment
far away from
here now
miles and miles away
from all the noise
miles and miles away
from you
as well.


I washed my clothes
again, and again
she told me
not to smell him
his bad breath betraying
my serenity
deal with his fingers
deep inside of me
my universe vomits
hating my sexuality
forget how he smiled
strangled me.


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