Wednesday, April 1, 2020




Flowing over the sage of time
Sweeping across the space continuum
Larger than life episodes cascading in the humanity bliss
Creating new space and new adventures in the world of the universes

Colossal madness overflows the humanity accord
Contribution in the great majestic halls of existence
Communing further in the inward thrust of life cascading times
Wonderment and allurement exponentially

Clarity of message expounds in the song of time
Marking new ventures allaying the delays in the resonator
Moving the delight of soul expounding
Responding in the call of time and space

Wishful soul to recollect
Designing life much resounding the song
Endless journey regaining anew
Life love friendship illuminated in universe of living


Old fashion jargons
Meaningful meanings
Rhyming times endlessly
Poetry recorded in time and space

Definitions collaboration
Lurking in the depths of meaning in life
Loving life immensely through one’s expression
Poetic license an expression of its finest countenance

Preview of lives depicted among the comrades
Sharing the immensity of world known and unknown
Relinquishing in the artisan of emotions and structures
Forever earmarked in the halls of undertaking

Understanding plainly given to respect the realm
Lives and endlessly delight to the soul exchanges of life learning
Lurking deep in the soul core being serenades
Collecting life stories in poetical expression lingers

Push The Limits

“Either push your limits or die.” Bruce Lee

To succumb to the illness of one’s health
To push back further in the great accord
To listen in the firmament of undertaking
Simply imploring the assistance of Higher Being

To classify the world according to the caste system
To remind oneself that it is not yet over
To record the amass of life worth
Simply the undertones of living exuding

To remind oneself to life on its cat chase
Simply admiring life anew in the moments unnoticed
Catching the red lane or green lane on its event horizon
Simply amusing a self to other selves manifesting

Going beyond and accepting true realities
Pushing the limits and compliant in the fate risen
Demonstrating life in its own accord gratefulness still existing
Life worth reflecting upon a memory simply shared universally


ROY MARK AZANZA CORRALES or fondly called by his peers as simply Roy or Mark, he is fond of reading books when he was studying his early basic education at Marist School Marikina. He likes to read manga and comic books. He is an otaku for Japanese anime and Japanese manga. He was also engaged during his college education as part of Editorial Board in the seminary college as Associate Editor Reconciliare at University of La Sallete Seminary, Silang Cavite, and also was literary editor at NFPIA Newsletter. He had joined collegiate parliamentary debate and accounting quizzes. At his spare time, he writes inspirational poems. He studied BSBA Management Accounting at ABE International College of Business and Accounting Cainta, Rizal. He was a former seminarian in a Franciscan all male monastery which once he hold position of Secretary General or Secretary of the community and former catechist in a parish from Diocese of Antipolo. After being awarded as Inspirational Poet at PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM 2013, he undergone research and has been a contributor/columnist in local newspaper, a press release entitled “PHILIPPINES, Poetry Hub of the World”; Also doing contributions for different anthology poetry like I am poetry, Verses: Storm of Philippine Poets and other anthologies.

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