Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Didn’t Love You

I didn’t love you for it would make me grieve,
I loved your eyes that were opened with my love.
All what you told me is spoken by all the people
I loved the words that you didn’t tell me.

I didn’t want to be fire to destroy your heart,
I cut my luck to build luck for you.
I didn’t love you to press the juice of joining
I loved the track of longing in my inside.

I didn’t love you for you to be indebted to me,
I loved you for you to make my heart to be indebted.
I would never love you if you existed in thousand pieces,
I loved myself inside of your heart.

The Lonely Man

Don’t think that you caught fire,
But this life makes you be tired.
Even a spider on the ceiling of your room.
Is setting a web for your thoughts,
Lonely man!

Don’t think that you will be peaceful
Inside of a quiet, dim, dusk room.
The dumb walls that you earned
Are your youth that left you before,
Lonely man!

The wishes pass away after being choked,
The feelings are blowing in your heart,
Look around all what surround you,
Even in the lake drakes swim in pairs,
Lonely man!

Open the door and let the freshness of spring enter your room,
Look around!  Even the flowers compete with one another.
Don’t insist, don’t be stubborn,
Loneliness belongs only the God,
Lonely man!

All The People Talk Nonsense…

All the people talk nonsense
In this feverish city.
The people think of themselves,
The city is choked with sorrow.

The clouds are frowned
They sweep the streets.
The winds are so angry
Their right and left side are unknown.

This city is luckless beauty,
Its face smiles, but hart doesn’t smile.
It is like a dressed bride
Nobody is aware of her grief.

It lost all its patience,
It is looking for patience on the ways.
It looks for a grave
For to empty its sorrow into it.

Each Evening A Hope
Passed Away Inside Of You

To the married women who feel themselves lonely

Each evening a hope passed away inside of you
Each evening a new grief was born there.
You shed tears to empty your heart,
But you were drowning in of your own tears.

Only in your dreams your husband caressed you,
Only in dreams your wishes took wings.
They spoke about your false devotion,
But you never were satisfied with your destiny.

You turned to a statue at the window,
Like the gravestone of the dead love.
Neither spring, nor summer warmed your heart,
Like that autumn and winter of the life.

You kept the fragrant memories,
Only they are left from that love.
It is an add destiny, after marriage,
You are called married, but you feel lonely.

I Shall Lose You One Day

I shall lose you one day,
Like those that I wrote
With my last hope
And then lost in piles-
Like my poems!

I shall lose you one day,
Then I shall spread on the ways
The sorrow that you endowed me
Like flowers!

I shall lose you one day,
My eyes that lost interest to life
Will see a lot of things
Another grave will grow
In the graveyard of my heart
I shall lose you one day…



Assosiate Prof. Dr. TARANA TURAN RAHIMLI is an Azerbaijani poet, writer, journalist, translator, literary critic, teacher, academic, is an active member of the International Literary Agency in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Philippine, Kazakhstan, İtaly, Oman, Belgium, USA. She is a PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Azerbaijan and World Literature Chair of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, author of 7 books and more than 400 articles. She is the editor and reviewer of 20 monographs and poetry books.The work has been published in more than 25 Western and Eastern countries. She is works were published in Azerbaijan, England, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, China, Turkey, Russia, Romania, India, Portugal, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oman, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Poems and articles have been published in many international sites around the world, on periodicals and in anthologies.

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