Wednesday, April 1, 2020



The Nocturnal Skies

The skies,
At night,
Speak to us!

They tell us of
What the Gods,
The demons
And those who have passed away
Are constantly engaged in!

And to hear them,
We simply have
To shed off our belief
That this mad world we live in
Will take us somewhere credible!

To talk to them,
Late at night,
We are to sit in their darkness,
And play,
With our hearts,
Music moving enough
As to cause the glued stars
To fall on our laps!

Our heart's vents are we then
To whisper to them
And they shall fly back
To the skies
To recount of our turmoil!

Life is a mystical activity
Life is magic
And we, ignorant humans,
Sunk deep in our own madness
Remain oblivious to this beautiful side
Of it
We have lost our divine virtue
And can care not
To enjoy
The sounds of
Raging waterfalls
Or even the sight of peaceful
Fish in clear waters!

Come, let us follow the night's scent
It shall lead us to there
Where its magic happens!

If I could

And if I could choose,
I would have
Forsaken this life here
In this marshy swamp
Merely to be able to enjoy
Soothe and comfort
At the feet of the Gods!

Bearing the body of a sinner
I can only
And hope for the best!

The intuition pulsating loudly in me
Wills me to have faith
In that subtle power
That rules over us all
Without it,
Life would not be given any meaning!

I shall have to shed off
My mortal body
I only hope
The skies would say that I abided
I fear deeply
The divine punishment!

Upon The River Of Life

The river of Life
Keeps flowing
And like a passer by
I keep watching it
From my shaded seat
Upon its bank!

Going with its flow
Are the millions of
Abandoned souls
Who, unlike me,
Have not been given
A due insight
As to the meaning and purpose
Of their existence!

But amongst them all,
I can see Love,
Who adamantly chooses
To remain blind
To the fact that we are connected
Through the mysticism of the skies!

Pray, I sit and wait for now
The river flow shall either
Drown me
Or sculpt me
Into a dried up artefact
While Love,
Will keep rowing upon the river
But on different boats
Having different missions,
Merely because
He refused to grasp the rope that
Thrown was to us
From the stability of the skies!


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