Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Beckoning For Love

You stole the key of my heart,
and left for distant shore.
I still look for you my dear,
and peep through open door.
The golden lock is still with me,
I ensure proper store.
Preserved it with utmost care,
and not just left on floor.
Tried with matching sets of keys,
none did work anymore.
You left your girl in utter shock,
and made her so very poor.
Now, give me back the key, my love,
I love you from the core.
And join the pieces of heart, my dear,
and join the pieces you tore.
Promise me that you'll never leave,
and that I make very sure.
You'll be my love forever,
with every drop I pour.
Our love saga will surely surpass,
all the legends of yore.
We will make a history, my love,
and create a new folklore.
All rights reserved @ copyright

Think Of You

I think of you
in scorching heat.
When none attends
the blazing street.
And in sultry,
warm July,
when clouds gather
in Northern sky.
I think of you
in every Spring.
When colors of leaves
are different green.
Along with cuckoos'
bubbling call.
And when morning
dewdrops fall.
I think of you
while monsoon rains.
And whistling sound of
distant trains.
When Autumn breeze
seems to blow
just in every
high and low.
I think of you
in festive days,
when all cherish
the party craze.
Every bit of
winter chill,
sitting on the
window sill.
I think of you
in month of Jan,
exact date when
you were born.
And with every
growing age.
Wish you on the
Facebook page.
I think of you
in lonely nights.
When crickets lull
with warm delights.
With shooting stars
beneath the sky,
when empty heart
seems to cry.
All rights reserved @ copyright

Bright Pink Rose

Blissful autumnal night we chose.
Long to harbour, candlelight shows.
Matter of envy to friends and foes.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Divinely aura and fragrant blows.
Sublime lustre, receding glows.
Free from chaos, heavenly repose.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Margarita, bloody Mary not to oppose.
Amazing dishes and that's what goes.
Radical tempo, here I enclose.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Poetry, verses and magical prose.
Rhythm and melody, love to disclose.
Painting, music and lots of those.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Just in between, you touch my nose.
Dreamy spirit I raise eyebrows.
Promises to be in highs and lows.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Face to face at my elbows,
Sit in fashion, just ever compose.
Decked like a queen, from head to toes.
You and me and bright pink rose.

Ask for my hand, way to propose.
There my gracious heartbeat rose.
The flow of breath, hereby slows.
You and me and bright pink rose.

On my heart, I superimpose.
Engrave thy name, that's what suppose.
Silent night and I hold you close.
You and me and bright pink rose.
All rights reserved @copyright


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