Wednesday, April 1, 2020



To My Coffee

On hesitant mornings
When my pillow cajoles me into temptation,
There is but one potion,
A swirl of which conjures up
The magic of wide wakefulness.

Oh coffee! You, the simple elixir
Guaranteed to breathe
Sweet aromatic freshness into my every cell,
Your brownie frothiness
Sending out bubbly invitations
That stimulates my dazed sleepy eyes
To alertness,
And with the first sip taken,
Your warm rounded flavour
Inducing heights of shameful indulgence,
My eyelids fall upon my irises
Not in petty sleepfulness
But in invocation of intense gratification
For you, the blessing that is mine
And none else!

Blue Baby's Special Mother

Baby Blue, darling of the Universe,
A heavenly kingdom of true spirits and divine emotions,
Was all set to be born upon earth,
The realm of the mundane and the logic,
False speech and fake relations.
Baby Blue of the spectrum condition,
Of restricted social interactions
and repetitive behaviour,
Baby Blue understood this birth was inevitable,
The Universe had a purpose for it —
To show those of the logical thought,
How small their world was.
Blue Baby of different thinking and extraordinary abilities,
Knew that only a mother,
Genuine in love, fierce in caring,
Deep in compassion, ardent in patience,
Only such a mother of special strength
was adequate to foster Baby Blue
in its soul-jour upon this earth.
And thus it was, O ye beautiful woman,
Thus it was that you were chosen
to be the blessed mother of Baby Blue,
True of expression and unfeigned in love.

A Summer's Journey

Come April, and my trunks were packed, all set to go
on the most exciting journey ever taken by mankind.
It was to King’s Cross Station Platform 9 and ¾ I headed first,
Where through the barrier I ran, oh so carefully,
To avoid suspecting Muggle eyes.
Of course, once past it, waiting there, the Hogwarts Express
With its red steam engine, all ready and hooting,
To take me to a wizarding world.

A week I spent there, and wished it could be forever,
But my journey was just begun and I had other stops to make.
So up the towers went I and like the Mother of Dragons,
Summoned Drogon.
Perched I upon its scaly back, directed the course
To Westeros, the Khaleesi that I was, to claim to the Iron Throne.

‘Twas at Paris I stopped next, and along with Professor Langdon,
Followed I the trail to crack the code.
Now exhausted, I proceeded to pleasurable Italy
Wherein I could eat, pray and love
Before joining the Andalusain shepherd Santiago,
And with him embark upon a search for treasure
Across the deserts of Egypt, all the way to the Pyramids.

A sea voyage beckoned me and with Pi
I rode high tide and low, upon a raft
With the mystical Richard Parker.
A stopover at a Georgia plantation was next
Where, with the charming Scarlett and Rhett
Struggled for love and life.

But soon I had to fly, for I heard the thorn bird calling,
From down under, a song of such epic passion
And heart-wrenching romance.
Unable to take the pain, I found
A passage back to India, and soon was upon
All the roads that lead to the Ganga.
I lost and found myself in Bombay, the maximum city,
Till my friend Swami came a calling,
And with him came I to Malgudi
To go on bullock cart rides, play cricket and chase paper boats.

But soon ‘twas time for me to return home,
Where friends who heard my travel narratives
Said, with some jealousy, I know,
That travels I had none, only a deep dreamy sleep.
I don’t counter them, but smile instead
For, when the travel images flash upon my mind’s eye,
I know for sure were not illusions, but real.


VIDYA SHANKAR is a poet, writer, motivational speaker, yoga enthusiast, English language teacher. An active member of poetry circles, her works have appeared in national and international literary platforms and anthologies. She is the recipient of literary awards and recognitions.  Vidya Shankar’s first book of poems, The Flautist of Brindaranyam is a collaborative effort with her photographer husband, Shankar Ramakrishnan. Her second book of poems The Rise of Yogamaya is an effort to create awareness about mental health. She has also been on the editorial of three anthologies.  A “book” with the Human Library, Chennai Chapter, Vidya Shankar uses the power of her words, both written and spoken, to create awareness about environmental issues, mental health, and the need to break the shackles of an outdated society.  

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