Wednesday, April 1, 2020



A Word.. A Poem

A word.. A poem and the soul resurrect
Long-time deserted, craving for a grace's drop
For the twilight.. After the darkness
For hopes, to never stop...

For my pen to deliver
My caged soul into the sun
Exposing till core, my strife and my bliss
Freeing me of my loneliness that surrenders
Without friends of pen, without their divine kiss..

A word. A poem.. and the rainbow colors
Explode in my soul with all its strength
Bridges of love, Connecting the world all over
And I am overcame by love and happiness..

Peace And Brighter Days..

Sliding in the valley of silence
Echoing my mute inner screams
Praying for a coming peace intense
When humans enjoy hopes and dreams...

Pleading the end of sadness plight
Of blinded eyes, on life opportunity
On broken hearts of loss and atrocity
With killing and Hatred in every sight...

What are we, what could I be?
But drops of water, in human sea
With all of you.. We create motions
And waves will flow in peaceful emotions..

How could hearts mislead the way
To a global peace.. To brighter days....

The Autumn And The Nile

Wandering in these early days of Autumn
Enveloped in heavy Grey presence
Fog entwines the sky and the Nile
BOTH, flowing, in this colorless silence

A field of dried wheat, saffron color
Wavering gracefully, with every breeze
A chill, caressing skin and nature
Branches of palm trees, dancing at ease...

All awaiting for the coming lights
SILENCE will lead to stormy winds again...
Cold is welcomed after the heated night's..
To refresh, heart and soul
With coming rain..

In these changes, I am a wild flower
Heart blowing in sunrays
Of words
A lover heart under the dawn lights shower
A blast of passion is my only Howling wind..

Celebrating with nature, cold and heat
Conserving my realm, in a shell of love
Grey or, colored Autumn, with happy beats
Free bird, in season less Bliss from above..


HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese poet writer and translator. Having poems in many anthologies. Preparing my first poetry book to publish...Had art studies in American university. In Beirut Lebanon. Painter had many exhibitions.. Interior designer and decorator in the real life. Egyptian..Living in Cairo Egypt by marriage...

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