Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Secret Love

You see
I'm wearing the dress you love
In my ear lobes - precious stone earrings
I let my hair hang down
I put the makeup colors aside
And the thighs want to tremble
While the heart wants to fly to you

Now that you are gazing upon me again
My eyes rise to you from afar
And you answer in a primordial tongue
"I love you"



How I've wandered to the mountain tops
To pick up the bell of illusions, mounted up high
And as I descended to the valley of your mulberry trees
I found you shattered like a boulder
Blown to pieces with dynamite.

In this love
Worms are biting you
And you keep asking
What I am doing here
I want to be
The bedrock of your liberty


A Night Of Remorse

You spilled the glass of wine on my dress
And here I am, as see through
As your mourning face
Which is lamenting the distances of time
And the place where we stood
Merely hours ago

Can't you see
I am standing on the docks of regret
Waiting for you to reach out
Extend your invisible arms to me
And only know
that our fate is to lead our life
Without points of contact
I shall bear my dream in mind
To the sideways
And there I shall burn



SHOSHANA VEGH: She was born in Ashkelon Israel at 1957. master degree in Hebrew literature. She had been teaching for 28 years at high school.  And opened in 2009 her own publishing house that introduces new poets from Israel. She has been writing poetry since she was a teenager. Her first novel was published when She turn 40.  She writes mostly about love and also about loss. Her older brother died while serving in the army and She saying that she is writing about getting to reach the unreachable. She edited over than 100 books and published 15 books of her own.

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