Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Innocent Blood.

I was kidnapped
on that evil night
flew away
in a fatal way
blood everywhere
that's all that's left
I can't find his arms anymore
I can't find his head anymore.

Speed, drugs
and mobile phones
the devils driving
they are always idiots
and they ripped
wings to my angel
and they will rot forever
in a hell of oblivion.

The asphalt collected
his innocent blood
and brought it
in front of Heavenly Father
and all the angels
they cried for my soul
someone stole my daughter.

Now she is resting
inside a frame
while here on earth

I can not
to give me peace
he left here
its innocent wings
and every night I squeeze them
strong to me
to hear again
the scent of you.

The Windmen

They walk around us
we smell their smell
we hear their footsteps
but we don't see them.
They are like us
just a little more alone
They are wind men
who live in alleys of solitude
and indifference.
Made of the same substance
of the wind
that we hear, breathe
but we are too busy
to see them and help them.
We are just shabby stones
that roll
between time portals
and folds of everyday life
as we approach that ravine
that will guard us all.
They instead sin
butterfly wings
they will explain the flight
and they will fly festive and dancing
on green meadows
fed from eternity.

The Castle Where Fairy Tales Live.

Smile, my love
rejoice and party
we collected
every stone they have
thrown against
and we used it
to build our castle
we are the fairy tale
which is located inside
the orcs instead
they will always remain outside.

The fairy tales live
in castles
and the orcs in the swamps
to eat forever
of the mud.


EMANUELE CILENTI, born in Messina, Italy, in 1981, is 38 years old, he is: poet, writer, actor, songwriter, film director. He has published ten books: "A blade of grass that tickles the sky", "Dream journeys of my soul", "I'm just a nightmare", "Violent percussions", "Heavenly whispers", "Infinite petals", " Echoes immortal "," Tears of ink on the face of the heart "," Help! I have two mummies in the house "," That wake of light and beauty ". As a poet and writer he won some poetry premieres and his poems were translated by the state into Spanish and Romanian. As a songwriter he wrote the lyrics for the album: "For me the world is you" by Antonio Giaimo, and "Oltre il destino" by Marco Sinatti, he also collaborates with other emerging singers of the Italian music scene through collaboration with the house record: GTStudio Recordings Publishing SRLS by Giovanni Torre. Come theater actor since 2007 with several theater companies in Messina. At the cinema he has participated in five Sicilian films, playing different comic and dramatic roles. As a video-maker, he has made four short films entitled: "Beyond the journey", "The death of the puppets", "The molds", "a sea of sweaters", is found in the Youtube channel: https: // www.
He has worked as a TV actor for Mediaset (Italian national TV).

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