Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Simple Things

Simple things
become complicated
designed `to spark a puzzle
in your mind
especially after you begin
following easy steps
like assembling a wall cabinet
from hardware bundled together
with instructions
to use a Robertson #8 screwdriver
top and bottom
and Phillips screwdriver
top and bottom
eyes quizzing innards
of package to define
type of screwdriver
for matching screws
separate parts left and right
before assembly starts
though label reads
made in China.

Sadness And Madness

Personal discontinuities
of life, happiness
dreams and desires
weigh on transit of loved ones
mirror sunken hopes
fractured destiny
that allure mind with sadness
you become tortured, attenuated
like a caged pussy cat
eye-balling mouse under a table
sometimes the feeling is fulsome
gyrating in madness
patience is fragile like aged bones
hair is thinned, grey and grimy
your pale face
morphed in physical pain
of sadness and madness.

The Hunt

How can you tell
what the hunt looks like
what shape, or form
(or is there no shape or form
to begin with?)
it will take
a winged mind
scouring bedrock
of hope and despair
defiant and daring
yet elegant and inerrant
the hunt- juxtaposed
between hunter and hunted
or game and gamer
sometimes you’re victim
innocent as Life
immersed in the hunt
playing hide and seek.


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