Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Möbius Strip

One more car passed me by today
I am coming back, home and dry
It's a wonder, I know you pray
When it passes, you breathe a sigh

I would soothe your heart, but I can't
All is done for me, all is said
And I laugh as I hear, “Count
To a hundred and then forget”

Calculation has made me old
Sleepless nights to bewail my dream
What on earth keeps me in the world
Where I can't even talk to him?

He's so far, on another side
Not to penetrate, nor to flip
I can't reach him
Perhaps I might
If we lived on a Möbius strip

In my space I was left no choice
So I play with my lucky find,
Half-asleep, listening to your voice
Haunting melody in my mind

“All I need is hope
That you'll be with me
Take my hand and hold
Hold me tight and live

All you need is faith
Leave your doubts and trust
We will find a place
Home for us”


Lies all around
Lies everywhere
Adverts and politics

Lies on your mind
Curses and swears
Drop from your lips
Labels of mine

What is the cause?
Where is the truth?
Why have you chosen
To paint me black?

Making it worse
Thinking to soothe
Hoping you're closer
To getting back

Look in my eyes!
Hear my voice!
You're mistaken
In me so hard

All of your lies
Are nothing but noise
Love is the beacon
Inside your heart


Catch the sun
And lock into the cell
To offer it for sale…
Guy, you're still not happy.

Make a sound,
Declare, “It is mine,
So you can buy it here,
But do not dare to copy!”

Let your thought
Be signed as solely yours,
Certificated, patented
To fill your bank account.

You forgot,
If you have ever known,
Guy, what you really own
Is what you care about.

One can swear
The land belongs to him,
And he can build his firm,
He has all needed papers.

He's a liar.
He only takes and leaves
Polluted air and rivers,
Exhausted soil and people.

When your heart
Looks for another heart,
It tries to reach the stars,
It sings to someone dear.

Does it hurt,
If songs are spread for free?
Is that your only creed?
To sell and never share?

Tell me if
It came across your mind:
Your greed would make you blind,
Your greed would make you poor.

You believe
That wealth is worth your soul.
Thus, you will mute its song
For sure.


GALINA ITALYANSKAYA, 42 y.o., born in the USSR in a small northern town, now living in Russia with her children and working as an English teacher. Since the early childhood she’s been in love with nature: dense forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and seas. Actually, its beauty surrounds her all her life. She has travelled a lot, and it is always a source of inspiration. Her other interests are photography and art. She loves to draw pictures, and she hardly can imagine going on a trip or just for a walk without a camera. Galina has written poetry since her school years. About 10 years ago she composed her first poem in English, inspired by her friend from abroad. And thanks to poetry she’s found many good friends all over the world. In 2015 she joined “Poets Unite Worldwide” group, and some of her poems were published in their anthologies.

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