Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Fire And Ice

We spoke in a passion
gentle and sweet.

He listens to every word
she utters his words melted
her heart.

She stood still on a hot day.
shoulder to shoulder.
surrounded by a bold blush.
It was bold and dare.

Full of delight
It glows with a flare.
chill against the sun.

Lit with fire and Ice.

 Silence Stood

It all started when Susan loss her Inner self.

In a world where lying was normal and scary.

She uprooted herself and built up her mind.

Her soul became fragile.

She became vulnerable and she surrounded herself

around so many secrets.

Only to protect her inner strength.

Silence taught her the truth even in a lie.

she learns what real meant.

Silence stood in a shadow

 it lurks out everything

she wanted to know about herself.

Constancy was her power where silence always stood.

In a world where lying was normal and scary.

She became brave.

Silence stood it open her mind

to all the endless possibilities

to let go of the unwanted desires

and baggage of things of no substance.

She knew if she went back

things would always be the same

so she changes herself.

"She silently stepped out of the race

that she never wanted to be in found her own lane

and proceeded to win.

Love I Felt.

I felt it softness
It made me warm.

My heart began to beat
It felt cool and wonderful.

It grasps a feeling that felt like a ache
the ache felt good like a butterfly
It quiets my soul.

The love I felt
the feeling most wonderful.

I wanted to keep it forever more.

I felt it from head to toe.
It made me feel special.

In it's own way
it rumbles
my soul.

The love I felt.


OPAL INGRAM Is an Author/ Poet / Lyrical Writer from NYC currently lives in New York. She is the Author of Black Stockings 360, Like a Rag Doll, Against the Wind, The Women. She has a Facebook Book Poetry Group Call Melanin Opal.

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