Wednesday, April 1, 2020



I Learned

I learned    
             that words
do not always mean
the essence you intend
the root of it.
I learned
             that do not contain
the value that indicates me
that wormed out resonates
off and empty.

And the gesture
in boundless force,
in deep gaze,
In ignited caress.
And the silence
the matter differently,
the clear consistency
of the simple truth.     

I Forget

How I wish to forget,
of all this cold mantle,
of all this grey yearning,
from the source of memories.
And finally, live life,
I'm seeking you and you're seeking me,
that you sense me, and I sense you.
That I want your strong lips
against mine, very tight,
and I want your calm voice,
hoarse, deep, silent.
And your tea-colored eyes,
that you deliver to me and I deliver to you.
To feel this way together,
together but effortlessly,
upon reaching your mystery,
mine for yours, lightened,
and reach a new being,
looking for my own encounter.
To give me to you ...
give you my hidden strength,
my silences, my loving.
Let you write the pages,
of this story that begins,
new season of life.

The Sleeping Voice

I'm sitting waiting
lying on the guitar,
who has it’s voice slumbering
that mine is quiet.
And my fingers don't roam
It’s strings looking for the echo,
of my sleeping sadness,
of my muted shouts,
of my love seeking
yours, from here ...
for you waiting,
translating me into words,
written, scribbled.
Born from there, my voice,
my desperate desire,
the grimace of my smile
to be waiting for you
quieting my new feeling
waiting for your reunion.
I am sitting, lying down
on the bedside,
my fingers won't search anymore
the feel of my guitar,
I will no longer feel your voice
break in a tune,
I will soon deliver my head
to sleep on my pillow
waiting slowly
your call in the morning ...


NORMA GARCÍA COIROLO, born in Río Branco, Cerro Largo, Uruguay in 1947, studies drawing and painting at the UTU School of Applied Arts and studies of lyric singing at the University School of Music. Poet by vocation, writes since 1966, published for the first time in 2012, in literary pages of the Web. PUBLICATIONS: Liberating the Words - ANUESCA, Murcia, Spain 2015 Moon Light  Literary Diversity, Madrid, Spain 2015  Christmas Tales - II Palazón  Ángeles Contest - Murcia, Spain 2015  Crystal Heart - Guatemala 2016  Dionisia Vivas, Ten Voices of Current Poetry - Murcia, Spain 2016 Christmas Tales - III Palazón  Ángeles Contest - Murcia, Spain 2016 Women and their Feathers III - International Poetic Anthology Paraguay 2016 The spike station - Haiku, Quintana Roo, Mexico 2017  Anthology For the children of the world - Caracol Azul - Literary platform, Quintana Roo - Mexico 2017 M Christmas Tales - IV Contest Ángeles Palazón - Murcia, Spain 2017  An infinity of poetry - VI Anthology, Volume 1 - Shared Verses 2017  Love Letters - Shared Verses 2017, Uruguay Between the Moon and the Sea - VII Anthology Volume 1 - Shared Verses 2018 Short stories Memories - Shared Verses - 2018 Uruguay  Letters, Heartbreak, Farewell - Shared Verses - 2018 Uruguay Poetry, The Step of the Years - Shared Verses - 2018 Uruguay TAHIEL Anthology - Buenos Aires, Argentina -2018 New Poetry and Hispano-American Narrative of the 21st Century Madrid 2018 More than 100 Poets for Peace - Argentina 2019 A Literary Glow - Fifth Latin American Poets & Writers Anthology - 2020 Uruguay. Awards: In 2012 Prize Accécit I Contest Micro-stories. Verse to Verse (Official Poetry Page) of Barcelona, Spain Finalist in the VI Contest "Classical Music and Poetry" 1st edition. First Prize in the II Contest Micro-stories "Memories". Finalist in the VII Contest "Impressions in Haiku" In 2013 Popular Prize in the V Contest "Love". From 2013 to 2018 published in the Molínea Magazine of Murcia, Spain In 2014, he published on the page Between Flight and Verses of Guatemala, in three Virtual Poetic Anthologies. 2nd. Place I Romantic Poetry Contest, "Mon Amour". First Prize in the I Uni-Versos Social Poetry Contest, “Unión de Verses for a Better World ”. 2016 Honor to Literary Merit for his work, in International Poetic Anthology Women and their Feathers III. Hernandarias, Alto Paraná, Paraguay. 2017 1st Mention Category Poetry, 1st. "Autumn" Poetry and Narrative Contest, Municipality of Recreo, Santa Fe, Argentina 2017 “Victoria Highlights” Award, International Edition, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2018 César Egido Serrano Foundation - Museum of the Word, Madrid, Spain, appoints it as the Spanish Language Ambassador for Uruguay. 2018 “Estrella del Sur” Award, International Edition, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2018 International Award “Award the Best de Oro”, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2019 “Estrella del Sur” Award, International Edition, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2020 “Plaque in the Cultural Space of the Artist”, in the city of La Paz, Uruguay


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