Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Just One Friend

If I had just one friend
For the rest of my days
I'd want her to be like you
In so very many ways

You make laugh when
I really want to cry,
You pick me up when
I'd rather just say good-bye

But then here you come
My friend in action
There is no stopping you
At the slightest fraction

No matter how hard I try
To stay mad at my worst
When my frustration is peaked
And my heart's about to burst

Here comes my little hero
She is coming once again
No wonder I keep on going
I've got the best in a Friend

She Forgot

she forgot the days I worked
kept a roof over our heads
the heavy crates I carried
so we would be fed

she forgot the nights alone
I that bar - just me
and a few empty glasses
without seeing the stars

she forgot my love for her
all the things I've done
just to awaken and see
her beautiful eyes

she forgot the good times
at the beach as we danced
I miss those days
seems so long ago

happy moments we shared
sweet moments to treasure
memories of my own
how could she forget

He Blessed Me

for so long I was alone
I sat in my room
something missing
I knew not what

I'd hear others talking
whispers behind walls
long from serene
I sat and cried

what's wrong with me, I ask
no answer dared to come
giving up hope
I had no one

then one day a stranger came
told me the strangest thing
there is some hope
open your heart

he spoke of true love desired
it does exist, he said
trust Him
who could I trust
what did he mean

he spoke about God above
One to speak to my heart
heart pounds
I opened my heart
and He Blessed me


DEBBIE EMBREY: Her compassion for children and love for God has inspired much of her writing. She has published books on and many poems on the internet as well. She is also mother of three children and several grandchildren. Growing up she travelled often with her mother and has visited several states. She treasured those moments and often the memories show in her writing. To her, memories are a precious gift that should be shared with others.

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