Wednesday, April 1, 2020




Remind me how to take a step towards love,
For indelible notes
of our time,
Because I want to follow in your footsteps,
But I'm afraid of the falls ..
I'm afraid to moisten my cheeks
And that my tears will dry up
Before they fall, on your palms ..
I'm afraid to look for our month,
And a star at the end of the road,
I'm afraid to touch the rim of my lips with my fingers,
Before I rely on my safety ..
Help me breathe in your aura,
Let the winds take away the anxiety,
Hug me so hard,
Only with your love will my fears disappear ..
© Slavka Božović

Lost Love . . .

It was timeless love,
an unfortunate circumstance set us apart.
The pain in my heart poured out,
by fate the branches of my soul mutilated.
I loved him like my eyes,
was my whole world,
I lost the sun and the spring with it,
I can't breathe, I die like a flower.
Probably God loved him more than I did,
that's why he took it from me.
My luck was flying like dandelions,
So instead of love I drank a glass of bile.
And, my life stopped, it's not like a river,
i try but i cant hide the pain.
I know he's waiting for me in a heavenly bed,
We will share our happiness in another life.
Slavka Bozovic

Love You

You are my timeless love
Which defends me from evil
You are my serenity and warmth
A knight on a horse who rescues me
You are my sky and sun
And the star that follows me
My heart loves you forever
It will never let you down
You are my spring and summer
Beautiful jasmine white
You are my knight of fortune
Thank goodness we met
I love you even when you get angry
I love it when you laugh
I love you even when you are silent
The knightly light warms me
Never doubt me
My empathy has no end
And when my eyes exhale
I'll wait for you on the outskirts of heavenly paradise. . .


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