Sunday, January 1, 2023



You Are My Peace


when everyone fights

when they have no tolerance

much less empathy

feel the time to connect

with the circle of spirituality.


Moments where I need you

to heal the wounds of the soul

that disturb my mind and my heart

they do not allow me to be well

I connect with you to be at peace.


When the screams don't stop

when the blows are strong

I will not be part of the thick of the fight

I will be calm, I will be strong, I will be love and peace

to join the brawl

when it can be solved by talking.


God extend your love and your mercy!

this world needs your love

to give them peace in aggressive moments

when anger dominates them, sing them of peace

when pain eats them up, heal them and give them peace.


You are my peace, to overcome the bad times

you can overflow your blessings in the world

to purify the rivers, germinate the tree

cease fire, save the innocent animals

above all, guide humanity for the good.




ANDREYNA HERRERA: Paola Andreyna Herrera Herrera. She was born in Potosí - Bolivia. Teacher and Graduate of Communication and Languages: Productive Community Secondary Education”, Executive Secretary and Accounting Assistant. Writer, poet, literary and cultural manager, editor and artist. Published works: Stories "Whisper of the wind in the middle of the storm", 2020, Literary Miscellaneous "Universo de Palabras", 2020. Narrative "Alondra Luna", 2020. Poems "Secrets that kill", 2016. Stories "Dissonant Dreams", 2016. Poems “She and He”, 2015. Poems “Prison of Letters on Butterfly Wings”, 2014. Poems “Confessions of a Poetess”, 2014. Story “The Poet Prince”, 2012. She obtained several prizes and recognitions in international competitions and events, in the area of literature and arts.

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