Sunday, January 1, 2023





Hey luminous,

you fill

my inner prodigy.

You are

the thread of God

those touches

every soul…

You melt me

into a carpet of rays

where I can walk in happiness

of the living.

Dessy Tsvetkova


The Masterpiece


The dawn was born

while melting of the crystals

in the space valley

of the rainbow

when figs were only

still a God 's design.

It was meant to be

a morning bliss,

a daily greeting

for each

who was gifted with eyes...


Simple Perfection


When I looked at the sky, as a comet

and I breathe in air saturated with sun ...


When titmouses sing sonnets,

and the branches dance gently on their toes stunningly...


When the children in the yard are always running,

and the pirouette swings swing around them ...


When among the white tufts of snowdrops

life peeks hurrying,

the saddle of the wind rides in flame...


Then I whisper to the Lord,

this is a world without war ...

There is no slavery, no bords ...

This is peace!

Let it be not so far ...

Dessy Tsvetkova




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