Sunday, January 1, 2023



Sing Praise Unto Him


Oh, my Father in Heaven

Guarding me from all perils and trials 

And sets my heart free of clutter

For you, my songs of praise, I reserve

All my life, I shall sing

Without fail, in bloom or gloom

On every unfolding day

Through months and years

Till death and beyond

Let my songs sail across the skies

And with the chorus of the heavenly band, unite


Oh, the benevolent Lord of all creation

Custodian of all wealth

Contriver of birth and death

The Master Crafts man

Everything is your handiwork.


The lofty mounts veiled in misty snow

The verdant dales lush and still

The fathomless deep where mysteries peep

All the flowers that bloom and wither

All things bright and beautiful

Everything, above and below

In all, let me behold thy grace

And sing Thee praise!


Oh! Redeemer of Mankind

Guide me through the dark

Guard my steps where dangers lurk

Hold my hand and never loosen your grip


Make me face the light

Illumine me with wisdom serene

And fill me with love divine.

So that you be glorified

Here, on Earth and in Heaven be!



Be by My Side

In the wild confusion of my life, I saw your face

A kind countenance making bright my days

Through rugged tracks when I stumbled along

I felt an unseen hand holding me strong


When bewildered by the horrid scenes of death

You assured that life extends beyond mortal breath

When lost in the dank and dark alley of wickedness

You diverted my steps into the well-lit path of righteousness


When I gloated over my own trivial accomplishments

You reminded me of my littleness through mild chastisements

When I lost myself in the grip of vanity

You opened my inner eye to restore my sanity


When tossed by the currents of fiery storms

Lord! You made me seek the safety of your arms

When drowning in the sea of escalating pain

You strengthened and sustained me, and kept me sane


Make me feel, you are there in every rhythm of my life

More when life becomes burdensome with problems rife

Over the arid deserts and the stormy turbulent sea

I pray to be by my side as an abiding presence, piloting me


My Lord! Without you my life will be in peril

Never let me fall into the snares of the devil

Do not desert me, stay by my side now and ever

Be my guiding light and sanctify my every endeavor!


You Are My Only Star


When darkness invades and envelops me

I see a light cutting through the dankness

I see its source, a shining star

The only one in the firmament of my sky


When my spirit gropes in gloom

I look up to see the light flowing down

You are my beacon and my only light

The pole star navigating me

Through the rough seas of life


In my brokenness and in pitch gloom

I see your light, the illumining light

It pierces the darkness that blinds my sight

In times, when I bleed in anguish

You fill my heart with strength and cheer


You are my salvage and my saviour

Align my spirit to the chords of your love

I see you as the first and the last

The one and the only star in my life


God! On looking at your blazing radiance

This supplication I do humbly make

When I am unsure of my destination

Give me Light, clear brilliant light,

Not to enjoy the wayside scenes

But that I shall not stumble and fall


Give me light! Oh, my Lord!

Clear brilliant light to light my path!




VALSA GEORGE is a retired professor from Kerala. After her successful career as a teacher, she took to poetry. She writes on a wide spectrum of topics spanning Nature, Love and Human relations. The poems she has authored, she regularly posts in international poetry websites, reputed journals, and literary publications. She has four poetry anthologies in her name and over 1000 poems to her credit - Beats, Drop of a Feather, Rainbow Hues, and Entwining Shadows - the latter two available on One of her poems ‘A Space Odyssey’ was included in the CBSE syllabus for the 8th grade students in India in the years (2018- 20). Another poem ‘My Fractured Identity’ is prescribed for the undergraduate students (Voyagers) in Philippines. She is also a winner in many poetry competitions.


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