Sunday, January 1, 2023






beat walls all over the world.


They don’t let happiness

sing about eternity.


We are the void

between heaven and them.


God saves us when we turn,

counting us with even

or odd numbers—

each of the 99th.


Harps singing a samba song,

and monkeys dancing

naked in floats,

announcing a better night.


Our hands move what we love,

and all depart,

and we unify with the sea,

being inedible goldfish for sharks


Rain is not silent anymore,

and the silence,

after, breaks

our eardrums.







all revolve around them.


Tomorrow we will forgive ourselves.





One Verse


I lick my juvenile wounds

with the tongue of life.

The angels hang from heaven

with broken string harps


It disturbs me the white as infinity,

between love and destiny.


Unforgiving time climbs on a scale of values,

which holds in hands

good deed’s map.


I take you by the hand,

extending another hand to the sky.

I cannot ask for anything…


Unforgiving God looking at me;

he argues with all.


Love is not so simple, says He.

It is like the life—

only one verse,

depends how you recite it.

(c) danielavoicu


Dirty Queen


How lovely the morning is,

pervaded by the silence of loneliness,

as sleepy green and red dragons fly in circles

around lost feelings.

Next to me on an old couch,

God watches a movie with clowns.

I play chess, and it is naked

all around the queen, that




who reads the lines in my palm,

speaking lies about my dearest stars.

Beside me,

my cup of Romanian coffee is still hot,

while I wait

for the green and red dragons

to dissipate.

(c) danielavoicu




DANIELA VOICU is a Romanian poet, editor and painter. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious honor of Romania Beat Poet Laureate (Lifetime) by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. based in Connecticut, USA.  Her poems have been published in international magazines, journals and various anthologies

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