Sunday, January 1, 2023



My Love For You



I obeyed you, my God, and my love for you is sincere

How can I disobey you, and the lover of those who love is obedient

My God, I see you in everything,

And your blessings overflow us like rain

Thank you for what you have bestowed

And for what you have overflow

Your mercy encompasses everything

Language flies us without limits

It embodies the position of connection and existence

And heal our souls from all evils and hatred


Praise Be To You!


My God, if all the servants forsake you,

I would not forsake you

Being close to you is a spoil and happiness

How is desertion valid when love is one?

Praise be to You in the first and the last

Praise be to You in success and worship

There is no lover here in my heart except you, O God

Glory be to You, there is no god but You

My heart and lips cried out

You are unique in your majesty and greatness

And your perfection

In your highness and in your mercy

How thirsty for salvation, you gave him water

And how sad you made him happy

And how many desperate you facilitated his affairs

You, O God, are perfection and beauty

Wonderful of the heavens and the earth

In the universe, in its atoms, in its land

And his sky, in the beings we see you

We pray to you and ask for your forgiveness and mercy.


My God!


My God, I have known love since

I knew Your love, and I closed my heart to hatred.

And I was calling you, my God

You who see the secrets of hearts while we do not see you

I love you with an incomparable love

And your mention is on my tongue all the time

You who hear everything

And you answer all the callers

Who call you with eagerness and supplication

Praise be to you in good times and bad

I miss you my God

And I miss your closeness and staying in your light and your light

You are my Lord

And my testimony is that there is no god in the universe but you

I have no ignorance except by obedience to you

I am humbled by the majesty of your ability

Illuminate my heart with the light of your wisdom and kindness

And my lips and my breath were scented with your mention.




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: She is a Lebanese poetess, writer, and translator living in Brazil. She holds a Law degree and is ambassador of the team “International Cultural Salon Association “and ambassador of Brazil in the American P.L.O.T.S. Magazine. Member of prestigious platform Of WWWU World Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhstan. She won the Nizar Sartawi International Translator Award for Creativity 2021 in the field of translation and literature. She is an advisor to the countries Al-Sham literary platform for literary translation. She won the 2nd Annual Zhengxin International Poet Award 2022. Editor of Al-Arabe Today, Rainbow, Literária Agareed, Al-Nil Walfurat, Literária and Allaylak Magazine. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Her poems have been published in numerous international anthologies،various Literary magazines, journals and websites. Her poems have been translated into more than 24 languages. Her books include: 1. Songs of longing; 2. The Keys of Science: Verses and Manifestations; 3. Philosophies at the Edge of the Soul; 4. Flowers Of Love; 5. Wounds of the heart; 6. La Esperanza.7. Mine Is Not Mine...

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