Sunday, January 1, 2023



Secret Abode


A tumultuous life

Looks for an instant relief

Exhibiting a total surrender

Kneeling down with raised hands.


His searching eyes

Touch the heights of the sky

And starts scratching it

In a look for that omnipotent power:

The recognized God.


But the search is in vain

Despite the doctrine

That God is omnipresent

As He rests in the victims heartonly.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra


Your Loving Heart


It was unimaginative

That you possess a crystal-clear heart

Unlike a deep yet still ocean

That oozes with ample overwhelming grace.


When my looks

Plunge in to it with some approbated thoughts

It mirrors at once my dejected face

With acute ebbs of cautions

And my soul reverts back from heaven’s gate

Preparing once again

To restart the journey.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra


A Lighthouse


He, who shines as a lighthouse

in the distant horizon

He, who guides amidst a raging ocean

For whom my heart cherishes idea

By what name I call him

He is my God, my Friend, Philosopher and Guide


It is He

Who has taught His numerous followers

To trust Him in crisis

And as such

I feel as if the lost throne is recaptured

All fears mingle in the wind

A heart filled with love reigns

the neighborhood

With faith singing the glory.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra


The Invisible Friend


Though not I visualize Him

Yet I feel His existence and kneel before Him

With a total submission to His authority

To beg His mercy.


No reactions come through

While overwhelming emotions let speak 

no words of gain

But seek benedictions with divine elegance.


All alone

I weep with joyous pain on my own

Even though it attracts strange looks

from every direction

Yet precious moments rush in

When body losses its meaning

Leaving only soul to thrive

And of course, time rests a while to make new beginning.


Joy knows no bounds but reaches an unknown peak

When the divine grace is felt innately

Heart gets packed with a complementary armistice

And life reveals its mysteries

in a state of harmony

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India has received her master’s degree in ' History ‘and 'Journalism and Mass Communication' from Utkal University, Odisha. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ' Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management ' from Sambalpur University Odisha, she has devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues and human rights in remote areas through non-governmental organizations. Poetry, Painting and Journalism are her passions.

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