Sunday, January 1, 2023



God Is Everywhere


God is there

Here and there, everywhere

Sometimes in innocent eyes

Sometimes in supernatural power.


U need a heart; full of trust

You need some honest thought

To reach that goal

We say God.


Purity is another form of God

An insane mind never can touch

That very thought

God is a believe, to have some relief.


God is power

God is truth

God is faith

God is ultimate peace forsooth.


God The Supreme Power


I'm an abandoned Soul

Lurking here and there

To complete my entity as a whole,

Waiting to reach my desired goal.


I walked and walked, then ran and stumble

Everywhere something genuine I fumble.

I smiled and cried, to live I utmost tried.


Life was never a fun to me

Full of responsibility, yet

Nothing could bring some glee.

My captivated heart wanted to flee.


Life goes on

Rock and role

And I played an inseparable role

As part of my desired goal.


To every passer by

My heart judge truth and lie

We're now in a world where,

Sometimes truth seems lie.


But God always has a plan for you

Perhaps better than you do,

I kept my believe on the highest tower

Where blessings are ready to shower.

From that very supreme power.


Someone Is There


It gives me immense peace

When I feel, somehow somewhere, someone is there for me at least.

To hear me and to look after.

He is God to me; He is my savior.


 Someone is there for me,

Who will refrain me to do wrong,

Who makes me feel to take life

Like an enchanting song.


He will tell for me what is best

An divine life is there beyond this life

For few decades I'm here just like a guest.

He is the only place where my soul takes rest.


Whatever I do, I do share

He is the very face seems to me most fair,

His presence is always there

In my hearty prayer!




SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE is an English poetry writer from India. She born and brought up in city Kolkata and still residing there with her family. From her childhood she has a keen interest in music, poetry and drama. She has done Master degree in English literature and done Honours in Bengali literature under Calcutta University.  She is the founder of an Online Poetry group and working as an admin of such three literary groups. She is a published poet and her poems have been published in more than twenty national and international anthologies. She is a regular contributor of some   blogs and ezines also. Poetry is her passion and she wants to continue it until her last breath.


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