Sunday, January 1, 2023



We Can If We Want …


With my little eyes

I see God everywhere.

In the misery of the poor and

The abundance of the rich.

I see him in the eyes of refugees

Pouring in like sand grains

In an hourglass and slip through the borders.

I feel him in the cries of raped women

Out loud before every sunrise.

I see him amongst

The Latino caravans and Haitian leaky boats

Trying to enter the USA.

I see him in the war zones of Syria, Iraq,

Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Let’s not burn them to ashes

in the name of God.

We can light peace

if we really want to.

We can heal the desperate

if we want to.




ASHOK BHARGAVA is a poet, writer, community activist and a public speaker. He has published five books of poetry. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. He is founder of WIN – Writers International Network Canada, a non-profit organization that nourishes and recognizes writers of diverse genres, artists and community leaders.

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