Sunday, January 1, 2023



God Is The Name Of Love


God is the name of love

And the name of love is God

What resonates in people's subconscious

Who are climbing the stairs

From earth to heaven

Redeeming their souls

From the good angels

What admirable songs they sing

Awakening even the dead nations

In the womb of modern man

Turned into heavy demonic thoughts

Who create karma from ashes

Flying on the wings of the phoenix

From heaven to earth

Through all the holes in dreams

In which guardians are born

Some in hell, others in heaven


Every Man With His God


Every man with his God

It falls as an inspirational thought

Flying with the wings of a dove

Through the trials of life

Carrying the burden of the ancestors

Writing the Metamorphosis of Descendants

And in the moment when God is gone

And in its place, there is a rainbow

He knows that the colors have been given to him

To draw the most beautiful world

Using the rain as a tear of joy

And the sun as a hidden smile

To a newly resurrected saint


The God Of Gods Is All Seeing


The God of Gods is all seeing

But his word is voiceless

Trapped in the framework of everyday life

And immersed in the song of the sea

Engraved in the minds of lovers

What they long for the copy of heaven

Left to wait at the end of the world

Like a masterpiece - a work of the second order

Which does not open with Solomon's key

Who resembles a spirit that blows prayers

For the salvation of the entire Universe

And as soon as he leaves a sign in the sky

Love and death are equal before man...




ANETA VELKOSKA:  MACEDONIA. Aneta Velkoska was born in 1978. She lives and works in Macedonia. Work experience: professor, TV journalist, librarian, writer. Winner of awards for poetry, prose, drama: poetry book of the year, state award for essay, best drama script of a festival, first award in the world for Esperanto culture, special award for the traveling theater "Savages", with students, awards from the area of education and science. Acts: What Annoys Eternity (2001), Are All Gods Romantic (2004), First Macedonian lexicon (2004), The second love of the stone (2009), The Giantest Dwarf and the Dwarfest Giant (2010), Bad Yin and Good Yang (2018), Endless Frame (2019). She writes drama and film scripts. She makes creations from natural materials. Likes mountaineering, photography, occult sciences. She is the author of several multicultural projects.


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