Sunday, January 1, 2023



Images Of A Legend


There is no longer a God

in the hands of the universe

when faith

it is a matter of a select few

violence rooted in days

children without fathers

widowed wives

immolated creatures

in the world

of the foul reign of evil.

They are falling boulders

on the edge of the peninsula

purple the color of the skies

dyed red is the wind

vast unequal fires

they flare up in the earth

the miserable remains of man

in ruins they pour on the walls

like dull faces

they roam the streets.

Images of a legend

lived in the desert of the world

voices that tell the past

mysterious sign of life


with strides they run

towards the infinity of madness

that invisible border

where mutes reign

consciences and noble hearts.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.          


In The Name Of A God


How many crosses

in this world

they shed tears

orphaned daughters

of violence and wars

torn springs

deprived of sacred life.

Violated blood

in the name of a God

ignited in fantasies

of violent men

fake revolution

linked to the events

of politics and crime.


Gods and Saints

peoples and cultures

laws and freedom


in the pages

of the daily news

immolated on the altar

of democracy at any cost.

How long

this heart

without course

will bend the will

on the way

of the principle

of universal love

around the table

of free will

in the realm of a dream

where freedom is sacred

and the people of every God

he is brother

among brothers.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.     




Who we are

because we don't see

with the eyes

of the soul


and indifference.


behind the wall

of extinguished reason

we pray

with joined hands

that God who

he has to help

our days.


our love

where free thought

he is exiled

in which cave

the consciences

they were locked up.

Along the coasts

of life

vaguely every man

staggering walks

around a temple

beyond which

the flesh transfigures

in a thousand words

and endless poems.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.        




FRANCESCO FAVETTA: He was born in Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, true culture, food for the soul! So far, he has written more than 4000 poems, he also writes philosophical reflections and thoughts. In 2018 he was awarded by the Accademia di Sicilia, Academician of Sicily.


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